Thursday, March 20, 2008

Additional Shots

Meeting Turkish in Moscow was spontaneous. Liking him and then falling in love was unexpected. Going to Istanbul for a holiday happened too soon but every event which took place ran in a natural course and they were very pleasant. Since we returned, we meet 2-3 times/week and a lot has been running through his head. Turkish has plans to work in Malaysia so that we can be together.

Uh-huh. The whole time we were in Istanbul, he discussed with his parents about it. I dont want to have much say in this because I have only known him for 2 months and it is unlikely unfair to make a decision for future in such a short period. He is earning loads here, with 20-30 projects under his sleeves. I cannot imagine the peanuts he will be paid if he works in my country. Although he did say, "I dont mind". His parents on the other hand, are finding a way for me to specialise in Turkey. Hahahaha I really dont know how I am the potential wife material. I really dont.

I was looking through our pictures and I would like to post more. Istanbul is very beautiful, especially on a sunny day!! I know I have repeated this many times. Hwong had burnt those Eastern Europe pictures onto a corrupted CD, how I long to show them here. Come, come. Enjoy my photography skills. Turkish isnt fond of taking pictures, me neither to be honest because I am used to being taken :P

Tolga's House: a huge Greek-style mansion located on top of the hills of Sariyer

Dirty Work: Tolga tearing stale bread (above) for me to feed the seagulls! :P

Paris To Istanbul: Lourve's Islamic exhibition featured at Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Local Games: Playing Backgammon at tea houses is a favourite past time

Drive Me Nuts: These chestnuts and/or corn vendors are EVERYWHERE!

The Park: A common sight around the world, old folks yakking away :)

The Cartoons: Steamboat Willie/Chinnie at Koch Museum LOL

That's about it. If I find any more amusing pictures, I wont hesitate to share! *wink*

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