Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weight Gain

Apart from my hormonal imbalance that occasionally causes irregular menses, terrible skin/pimples and unpredictable cravings for certain foods especially in large quantity.. I can't blame my accumulation of abdominal fats this time on it. Yes. I have become very round mainly because I am fed with ample amount of attention and affection. NooOoOOoOooo.. disastrous!!

Let's see. For just the past 7 days, I have patronised 5 different restaurants and trust me, it is bad for my body. I am gastronomically inclined, usually in small portion (what I like to call "kitty's portion) but as a first timer in new joints.. I eat like a pig. Depending on the company, hours would go by and Russian waiter/-tresses are too efficient when it comes to clearing the table. When the table looks bare, it urges me to order either one drink after another or desserts.. also know as Calorie Bombs!! Plus my current (sick) phase for cheesecake only makes matter worse!!

1. Kvartira 44
2. Uncle Sam's Restaurant
3. Molly Gwynn's

4. Silver's Irish Pub for Business Lunch with Boss and Pisa

5. Bookafe contributed to my gluttony *sobs*

OMG. "Moscow, you freaking spoil me!!" (or people who bring me to there spoil me, especially Turkish :P). There are tons of restaurants and cuisines available here and months/years to test every $$ places. Seriously.. I feel fat. I feel lumpy. I feel round. I feel ugly. I feel like soon, none of my baby t-shirts will fit!! *inhales, exhales, inhales, exhales.. calm down*. But I enjoyed all of these places!! Hahahaha what to do. Win some, lose some. Win the experience, lose the curves??

Ooohhhh I am excited for Friday. Turkish bought tickets for Andrew Llyod Webber's "Jesus Christ Superstar Musical" and after that, its another restaurant we will go to. Hahahahaa he has a list of places he would like to bring me to and seriously, I need to work out. Oogling men is not good enough as sports. I need real, kilocalorie-burning kind of exercise.

That's it. I am fasting whenever I am home. When I am home LOL


Reens said...

No no NO! Exercise is for fatties. All you need is LOVE. Bahah. Cheesy, i know. Another thing you need is a litre of that crazy Ling Tze tea that makes you shit all over the place. You'll feel good as new!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahaa Ling Tze shitting tea is saved for graduationlahh!! Dont forget!! Dont let me catch you curi-curi drink!!!

Apshu this weekend somemore.. dielah like that.