Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Webcam

Aaaahhhh!! I went to the post office yesterday to pick up Samuel's Christmas present. Dont ask me why now only it arrived. 2 months late LOL I received the 2nd notice from the post office actually, I was afraid that it would be returned so I went to the district branch at Olympicheskii Derevne (not too far from my place). It wasnt too difficult to find and guess what Samuel sent me??

Guess what's inside!! :) :) :)

A Logitech webcam!! Aaaahhhhh!! I was speechless when I ripped the already-ripped-package. Either the Russian or Malaysian post had opened it, bloody hell. The package was in a rather bad condition but luckily, the box is hard as cement! Only the corners were bent. The webcam is so white in colour and its pretty!! I was surprised that Samuel got me such a pricey gift :O Its funny how both our gifts to each other have a great contrast. Mine was a wooden, hand-made toy horse and his requires technology. OMG. After graduation, I will have to get myself a notebook in order to use it!!

Victor was skeptical. He said Samuel wants to see me strip! LOL Not true, this is because last year, I borrowed Cheeky's webcam and showed myself to the world. After I returned it, Samuel was disappointed that he couldnt see my "monkey" face anymore. He joked about getting me one for Christmas and looks like it wasnt a joke! :) I have yet to install the webcam, in fact I havent been spending much time on the computer actually! Now I dont have to borrow Victor or Cheeky's webcam anymore!

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