Friday, February 29, 2008

Rock Opera

Guess what! My first entertainment date with Turkish at a musical show! 2 1/2 weeks ago, he had bought 2 tickets for Andrew Llyod Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. Of course, I didnt have a clue about this masterpiece.. in fact I felt kinda stupid at his question.

Turkish: Do you know Jesus Christ Superstar?

Me: Errrr.. nope.

Turkish: It is famous, very famous. Dont you know?

Me: How can it be so famous when I dont even know about it?

*thought for a while..*

Me: Aaahhh!! I know!!! It's Marilyn Manson right??

Turkish: No.. it's not.

Me: Hmmm.. wait. Marilyn Manson is ANTI-Christ Superstar. Hahahaha sorry!

So this evening was an eye-opener. Definitely nothing close to Marilyn Manson :P The venue was at Mossovet Theatre (somewhere around the corner from M.Mayakovskaya), a relatively huge theatre. Our seats were very good actually for that ticket price. The original songs were sung in Russian, their acting was dramatic and Jesus Christ was hot! But I couldnt take him seriously when he started singing LOL Mary Magdalene was a voluptuous lady, Judas looked really mean (and fat) but the 3 Jewish priests were the coolest characters in the musical.

Pictures of Act I and II that I have put together :)

Since this is a Russian version, some of the scenes were blended with local culture and the part where the Devil was trying to lure Jesus to fornicate one of the (almost) naked girls. I was surprised that Jesus didnt have a boner. Seriously! The naked girl was only wearing a white thong and a silky top which uncovered her breasts most of the time when she was strutting around the stage. The show started at 7pm and ended at 930pm. I enjoyed it, really because I could understand 70% of the lyrics loud and clear. Great tunes too. Plus it's based on the Bible so even if you are deaf, you would catch the gist of the story anyways :)

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