Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Reunion

One of the very few pictures I took, this is a nice one with Dinesh :)

The Moscow Malaysian Chinese Union (MMCU) held their biggest event for 2008 (also since their formation). A cozy, Chinese New Year celebration with an enormous scale of festive mood until I felt slightly uncomfortable in the beginning. Believe it or not, it was much stronger than the "Gong Xi Fa Cai" spirit you ever felt back in Malaysia!

Douglas and gang performed (of course) a fan dance, I missed the beginning because I was late. I got home late afternoon and was chatting with Samuel using the webcam he sent to me!! :) Samuel's leaving to New Zealand in March so we still have a bit of time to chat. What was I going to say.. right, the performances. The Karaoke singing competition finale took place but poor Kindut didnt win, then there was a movie done by the Pushkin's 1st Year students. It was rubbish and irrelevant. Fair enough, some scenes were laughable but seriously, if I were in the committee, it would have been a big no-no to air to the audience. Let's just say besides the great effort they put in to produce their clip, next time they should try to put in some brains too!

Hannan and Shidah, the all-time VIP guests from M2 at every event held by us :)

I guess the committee must have found great sponsorship for this event. Goodie bags and dinner was rich, lucky draw prizes were richer! I didnt stay till the end though, I left with Hannan and Shidah around 10pm. Hehehee it was damn fun to sit with the both of them, we were making heartless comments about the performances. Sukhi and the Malay boys were behind us, they enhanced the evening's entertainment :) I have made plans to go by Hannan's this Saturday. Its high time I spend some time with people I have known for too long yet never kept my promise to hang out with them!


Hannan said...

make sure u come this saturday darling....
or i'll stop paying the alimony!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehee sure, sure I will come :)

commitee of the nite said...

dumb comment about the movie,it contributed much to the huge success of the nite.