Sunday, February 10, 2008

Plush Panda

Why must my complexion confirms that I am a Chinese?? LOL

I met a French guy today. He is also a user from Interpals and like Tolga, since these folks are in Moscow, we dont correspond through email. Usually I get the first message and like a big hero, I reply "Let's meet up for coffee!!" :P Not that I'm using it as a dating site or what, its just more interesting to see these cartoons in person. Gives a zest to my social life!

Thomas works for a Russian aviation company, stays at M.Spartivnaya and his office is at the end of his apartment. That's like 4 stations away from where I stay. Hehehee this was our 4th attempt for a meeting! First clashed with Dinesh's pre-birthday celebration, another time I was lazy, then I went off for holidays etc. Finally we managed to set the right date!

Hehehee he is actually quite humorous. Not very good-looking but great personality. He is 100% Parisian but very worldly, has lived in Africa and Eastern Europe. We took a long walk around the Novodevitchi Monastery, which is really an Orthodox cemetery LOL No shit! I found it hilarious when he pointed it out to me!

We had dinner at a Georgian restaurant somewhere close by. Damn expensive joint. Food was good though, I loved their Hachapoori (cheesy stuff) and main dishes (no idea how to pronounce their names) were yummy too! I told him everything about my holidays, from UK to Hungary, Romania and back :) You know, at the rate of storytelling I'm going.. I might as well make some tapes and play them over coffee table instead :P Hahahaha actually his jokes are funny, he prides himself with the term "Yeahh, its French humour".

Plus, I am such a great company, arent I? Thomas suggested that we should meet sometime next week before he flies home to Paris for his dentist. WTF, right. Fly back just for a tooth job!! I am envious. Nahh.. I dont think I will see him so soon, perhaps wait for him to come back first. Plus he said he will get me a gift! Something from Paris, wooohoooo!! :)

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