Sunday, February 24, 2008

Moscow Zoo

The famous Moscow Zoo since 1864

Today, for the FIRST TIME after being in Moscow for 6 years.. I finally visited the Moscow Zoo!! It was also Turkish's first time ;) The weather was rather gloomy but not too cold. Sometimes the sun peeked out, otherwise it snowed for a bit. I havent been to a zoo for years.. the last was Leipzig Zoo, Germany in 2003 (I think) with Aron and Praveen. Moscow Zoo is huge with 18 hectares of land located at M.Barrikadnaya.

In my 3rd Year, we had Pharmacology in that area but I never bothered to drop by. Majority of my friends have been, Boss and Pisa even brought Jeff there and someone I was seeing back then suggested the trip yet I turned him down. But I went with Turkish out of all people. This is something cheesy, "Maybe I waited 6 years for someone special to go with". Could be true. I mean "things happen for a reason", dont they?

All the affection from Turkish Delight, "Mmmmm.. I like!!" :)

We both had so much fun and I loved how we could identify some animals by their backside. Hahahaaa seeing my Primate relatives was touching, I was very fond of the Tamarinds and Squirrel Monkeys. Small buggers, jumping from one end to another. The llamas, Mountain goats, horses, bisons, all these hoof-hoof animals were busy chewing on straws so they werent too close to us. Hahahaaa a Ram was salt-licking the steel bars and I just had to put my finger in! This is my favourite picture of the day though!

Yucky goat. Lucky me, its saliva doesnt stink! :P

The young kid which licked Turkish looks so much cuter!

The jaguar, Panthera orca is unbelievably stunning. It is black (rare breed due to dominance in melanin) and its coat is too shiny. The gorgeous feline looks like some CGI creation and I forgot to take a picture, damn it! I love the white tiger, Panthera tigris tigris (hehehee funny name). They look so fat and cuddly!! Yeahhh and I would be a bag of bones if I were to try and hug them :P

Imagine keeping on in your backyard!!

I forgot what the joke was about :P (English typo in my dialog box, oops!)

We covered 80% of the place. We decided to skip the Reptiles House (I dont really like them) but we missed the Dolphinarium Show and Lions' Den. One thing about this Moscow Zoo is that their animals are very well taken care of and most importantly, well fed. I guess also because of the season, the furry ones look great in their winter fashion. The frozen lake has many species of ducks, then you look around and see invading pigeons LOL Trying to tumpang glamour!! Their existence is not even listed on the description boards!! Bloody pariah :P

Hahahaa stupid pigeons trying to steal some limelight

It was a perfect day.

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