Monday, February 18, 2008

Memories Fade

Many events occurred in January 2008 during the 1-week break we had, then it was remaining days of the semester until winter holidays kicked in. The other day I had some flashes of that month, it seemed so vague. I spent the several days before and after the New Year year in Kahovskaya Hostel, partied and drank alot, had a really good time with my friends etc.

Chun Lin and I were somewhat okay at that time, at least on mild talking terms (after Christmas last year) but it didnt last long since she lost her marbles again. There IS something wrong with the both of them, only I have no idea who is more severe. One is damaged goods, the other is a boyfriend-beater. I hate to use this line but Sunny is such a pussy. I wonder if we would be like before ever again. It was ridiculous how he was looking over his shoulder, left and right after class when we stopped outside the Metro for a chat and shared his apricot tart. Tart LOL There is more dignity to commit a crime to have a conversation with me *sighhh*.

This semester we started off with Parasitology in M.Spartivnaya (thank God, not that far-ass department at M.Sokolniki). We are sharing the timetable this cycle with Group 1 and 10. Group 1 meaning with Boss and Pisa, so we have been going to lectures daily together. Also, meaning complete ignorance from Sunny and visual avoidance with Chun Lin. None of us attempted to acknowledge each others' existence which is fine by me but why must it be like that? How hypocritical. Ignore me in front of the girlfriend, then act like best friends for life without her around AND I am supposed to understand the situation. What a shame >(

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