Thursday, February 14, 2008

Magical Evening

I think I have fallen in "like" with someone. I am not ready to mention his name, mainly not to jinx it because all the guys I have wrote about here never lasted too many entries LOL On St.Valentine's Day last year, I went out with Quek. He was turned down by whoever he initially asked out. It was fun though, we watched a ballet and then went for dinner at MAKI Kafe.

This year, unexpectedly.. I spent it with someone extraordinary. Someone I share a lot in common with, right from old school material to art interests. He isnt the kind of guy I would give much thought about, really. He looks nerdy, much older but plus point is, hes got the height. Talking to him while standing gives me a neckache and if things get serious, one of us is bound to get a heartache too. Anyways, it's February 14 so Pisa chirped in this cheesy line, "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". That might apply for the time being, why not? :)

Pfffttt.. the flipper-waving, somewhat adorable white "mutant" dolphin

The Moscow Dolphinarium wasnt that impressive to be honest. Crowded with adult folks and their excited kids, cheering at the fishes' antics (so was I actually hehehee). The show is pretty famous especially they have a couple of rare white dolphins.. they look like mutants! They werent joking about its colour. Their slimy, glistening skin look like marble! We were very tickled by the bottle-nose dolphins, they were swift and "sang" songs!

"Lovely Feb 14 Wishes For..." and it opens up to tulips and a butterfly :)

I made a gift for my Valentine :) Our gift exchange took place at Guylian Cafe. What a romantic venue, posh and sweet like chocolate. Well, it IS Guylian Cafe. He was very surprised by my creativity and I must say, I loved what I crafted out of my own hands too. Like a puzzle, he has to arrange them in proper sequence to get the message in front and picture behind! His actual gift is too huge (towers over me) so he will bring it over during the weekend. Instead, he wrote me a lovely poem. I am a sucker for romance :)

Boss and Pisa celebrated their 7th St.Valentine's Day (yes.. their 7th!!) at home with candlelight dinner (complimentary Sweet&Sour Chicken recipe from yours truly). I have the uttermost envy for the both of them. Unconditional love and respect for each other, a functional relationship they have unlike other couples with nonsensical physical abuse or fights or just waiting to break up etc. I totally agree with Sukhi that Boss and Pisa should be presented the "Best Couple" award on graduation! I love the both of them to bits :)

My handphone didnt stop beeping past midnight! I woke up with my Inbox filled with sweet greetings until late afternoon! More sms than CNY I think! Seriously, if I were in Malaysia, I would choose to stay home with Mummy than to make up my mind who to go out with! St.Valentine's Day this year was by far the most enchanted I have ever had.

Dark Belgium cacao, 58% Asian Chocolate fruit fondue, Guylian cakes and creamy Chicken Caesar melt my heart! (and a night stroll under light snowflakes.. it was perfect! *blushes*)


Sha said...

My best! Your VDay sounds wonderful :)) And yes, I want to know who the date was ahahhahaha. Fast.

Emonix said...

Emm... those are not "mutant dolphins", they are "beluga whales" LOL ... silly Eve.