Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Honey Allergy

I was never allergic to the bee product. Until 1 year plus ago, when I had a terrible episode of allergic reaction two nights in a row, first night was honey+warm milk and the second was honey+hot water. The bumps itched like fuck, red swollen patches on my face, arms, back and thighs.. it took Boss, Pisa and I a few hours to figure what was the cause since like I said, I was never allergic to honey so it was the last suspect!

After popping Antihistamine pills, the rashes reduced and I hardly touched honey ever again. Well, maybe once or twice in minimal amount. But guess what?? I went to the Honey Expo in Manezh Exhibition Hall earlier this evening! There were over 100++ booths from all over Russia! Strange names of regions I have never heard of and the stall keepers looked different too (prolly due to their ethnicity).

The friendly couple who made some business due to my visit :)

I tested various types of honey, some liquid to rocky ones, some smooth like silk texture while others were sooooo coarse until I was choking from the grains in my throat. That was quite a drama. Also, these honey-makers placed little cards with description, medicinal purpose about their products, trust me, it feels as though by consuming honey, no one will need doctors. All the doctors can pack up! LOL I brought home a 1L of homemade Medovukha. Its mead in English and oooohhh-lala, it is freaking tasty!! Smells nasty thought :P The bottle and its contents looked unpresentable and unsterilized. Cant blame them when they were transported all the way from Tartastan!

Prosit! (German=Toast!)

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