Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chicken Feet

Dinner tonight was special. I cooked Braised Chicken Feet for the first time! It is a Chinese dish, not even a delicacy. Chinese make sure they cook their chicken's worth so basically, every part of the animal can be consumed :P It may sound interesting to some, gross to most. It was an adventure for Pisa and shes got the balls to take up this challenge. Ehh, it requires skills to chew chicken feet you know. They are made up of cartilages and tendons, unlike parts.

Gigantic pot of fresh but uncut talons of you-know-what :P

I was excited when I prepared the dish, I forgot to snap pictures. I could have made a recipe out of it. Ohhh well :) I took Victor's advice to marinate it with soy sauce, salt, sugar and corn flour. Fried the feet beforehand (no pun intended LOL) so that what little meat there are wont be torn from long-hour simmering. The ingredients were simple, I only added some star anises. What else. Lots of garlic and ginger, some dried chili and oyster sauce to taste. Left it on slow fire for 2 1/2 hours and voila, it turned out really yummy. I wouldnt say it could beat the shops but for an experiment, I was definitely successful!

Hahahahaa I must say Pisa handled her dinner pretty well :)

The Indian used her hand at first but Boss and I gave her accurate ways to eating chicken feet. Stuff the distal half into the mouth and suck on the digits. Hahahaaa sounds kinda weird now. Then spit out the bones. Since the pot was left on the stove for hours, the sauce has nicely sipped into those feet. The shiitake mushrooms added fragrance to the dish, enhancing the taste even more! I dont think I will ever cook Chicken Feet again, once is enough I guess :P It takes great effort to eat and patience to clean the bones.

Even Wikipedia says Chicken Feet are nutritional because they are rich in collagen, as supplement for connective tissues in our bodies. I can vouch for these kind of food because 2 years back, I suffered a terrible ache at the temporomandibular joint, commonly known as the jaw. My mouth couldnt open much because there would be a "click" and then it would hurt. I couldnt laugh nor eat properly, even when I chew. I returned home for summer that year and Mummy OD-ed me on Chicken Feet, Antelope's tendons in soups, pigs' trotters, fish bellies etc and my jaw somewhat healed. Serious! It feels fine and I can laugh as heartily as I want to, or fit an entire burger into my mouth ;)

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