Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Be Modest

I arrived at Riga International Airport at 1030pm. I did something stupid brave. I took the last bus to the center, undecided either to a club/pub or hope for a 24-hour cafe! I couldnt bear to stay inside with closed shops and only security guards. I reached the center, strolled along the cobblestones, only this time, without noisy wheels thudding behind me. I kept my luggages in the store room.

Today is the Eve of Chinese New Year. I knew I was going to be stranded in another country all by myself but being there and then felt.. lonely. Traditionally, a reunion dinner would take place with family or friends (when abroad). It was really fine because of our loss of a family member, we cannot celebrate Chinese New Year for a year or three, not sure. Customarily, this is a way of respect. We are not suppose to greet others actually and when others greet us, we just quietly acknowledge it. Something like that.

Riga is unbelievably safe at night (like Prague when my best and I could return to our hostel on foot at 4am!). There were many night owls, some drunk but none paid attention to me. A petite Asian girl wandering around without being hassled! Except for one!

Hahahahaa the infamous dude who ambushes tourists. You see, when I met up with Boss, Pisa and Jeffrey earlier in Riga, they have told me about this dude who works for a strip club, stopped them for translation to dirty lines (part of his job) in Bahasa Malaysia. Hwong and Zhao Ing also told me during their holidays in Riga last summer, a Russian dude asked them for the same help. Coincidentally, I had my share of experience with this Dima at a brightly-lit junction.

Dima: Excuse me.. are you Taiwanese? Korean?

Me: No, no *speeds up my pace*

Dima: Uhmmm, I work for a strip club and I hope you could help me translate some words..

Me: ... *immediately became stagnant and turned to take a good look at him*

Dima: You see, I am writing a book and..

Me: So its YOU!! You are the Russian guy who asks for translation!! What! You gonna ask me how to say "You have a dick bigger than a horse" or "I am so horny" or something?? *laughing*

Dima: Ooohhh no, no. You are a lady, I wouldnt ask you such *turned slightly red*

Me: Hahahahaaa you are famous! All my friends who have been to Riga told me about you!! How come you are still learning the same lines?? Havent you learned them all? *laughing loudly*

Dima: Well I just need to learn a bit more, you see..

Me: Go learn from the Internet or something. Here, let me take a picture of you!! Oh my god, I cant believe you really do this! *in my own amusement, I whipped out my camera phone*

And Dima posed for me. I told him I couldnt help him, he thanked me but was out of sight in a split second. I might have scared him away :P He was cute but I guess I was so caught off-guard by meeting him I turned out offensive? Anyways, I made a wise option to spend hours in Double Coffee instead of the new club, Roxy right opposite it. Hahahaha imagine I stood in the middle of the street, indecisive of turning left or right!

I decided not to challenge Riga's seemingly safe environment LOL

I had a cup of Classic Latte and ordered Waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Yums!! I read my storybook, "To Kill A Mocking Bird" which I nicked from the youth hostel we were staying in Bra┼čov, Romania. I dozed off a couple of times comfortably in the corner. Time went by relatively fast, I paid the bill around 450am. Took my own sweet time to the bus stop, waited for the first bus No.22 that goes to the Lidosta (Latvian=airport) and waited 2 more hours for my flight back to Moscow. Definitely a low key ending to my winter holidays and usher to the Year of the Rat :)


Emonix said...

Haha that fella must be a linguistic anthropologist. LOL

Oh if ur reading this creepy fellow/stripper/linguistic anthropologist ... the translation for "My dick is bigger than a horse" is "Kotek saya lebih besar daripada kuda" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... talking dirty in Malay or Chinese still makes me giggle.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehehe especially in BM. Those "kotek", "tetek", "naik gersang" etc sounds like s*hit!! :P

Emonix said...

I know! Someone made me talk dirty to them in BM once, I almost died laughing.