Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tickets Ready

I shall be off to Riga on the 20th (early morning, next Sunday)!! I bought my return tickets yesterday from the Aeroflot office. Initially I was going to take a 16-hour bus from Moscow but I thought why succumb to the discomfort to travel when I pay a little bit more to fly. Boss, Pisa and Jeff would be there 2 days before me so when I reach there, I will meet up with them. Just for the day because my flight to Bristol is at 10pm++. I am so excited! :)

My route for this winter holidays involves a lot of city hopping! But main countries are Hungary and Romania. I will be traveling with Hwong, Zhao Ing, Kris and Han Wei. So there are 5 of us. Accommodation should be booked by now. Like how last year I met Hwong, Zhao Ing and May in Lisbon, this year I will meet these folks at Budapest (theirs is en route Poland). Something like thatlahhh. Slightly complicated, I have to be sure I keep tabs of my itinery!!

I cant wait to go shopping again!! :X I know it is useless to be hopeful for the good stuff to be on the racks still but nevermind. Broadmead here I come!! I wish I could visit Hong Zen but he is in Cambridge. I could go down to London for Hian Foo and Farah. Ooohh speaking of which, Farah's celebrating her birthday on 22nd. Close call. I will have to plan and see. I would also like to spend some time with Khalid too, try out his Mauritian cooking hehehee Dont ask me how many times I have been to UK. Believe me, I have lost count myself :P

Nothing much happening except that I seem to be having a landslide with foreigners. I spoke to Craig today.. and who's Craig? He is an Australian working in Malaysia. He found me on OkCupid (another networking site). Funny chap (Pisa finds him very cute), dorky to me but hey, any guys above 6' is a thumbs up!! Then just the other day I spoke to a damn cute, damn hot 20-year-old Ferhat from Istanbul via MSN (yes, I might switch to being a paedophile again). And Tolga wanted us to meet this afternoon but I thought 2 times a week might be a bit frequent so I denied his suggestion. Dont want him to get too attached with me, and vice versa.

Time to pack my luggage soon!!

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