Saturday, January 19, 2008

Post Office

Boss, Pisa and Jeff have left for Riga on Thursday. For the first time, earlier than me. Hahaha Pisa even wrote me a list of To-Do's before leaving the house early Sunday morning. Last night I was out with Tolga at this awesome cafe called Look In located at some side streets of Tverskaya. I had a great time! He was in Perm (another state in Russia) for work but quickly returned so that we could catch up before my departure :)

I woke up slightly late even when I had much to do! First, I rushed out of the house to meet Tolga (he accompanied me the whole day). We got to the Post Office to send my friend, Samuel a package so that he would receive it before he migrates to New Zealand. I sent him my little wooden rocking horse as a token of our friendship. I dont think I will meet Samuel in near future because we always seem to be separated by continents. Last year when he was in Malaysia, I havent finished 5th Year. When I was home for summer, he was in America. Now that I am in Russia, he is back in the country but when I will be home for good, he would have settled down in the Land of Sheep!

Looks like a bomb package LOL It was wrapped in a hurry :P

Samuel promised he will bring the "present" with him wherever he goes. I didnt tell him what I sent but I am sure he is in for wide grins. Fingers crossed tightly that it arrives at his doorstep!! The errand was time consuming but it was a free lesson for the Turk, now he knows how to send a parcel :P After that, we went to MOCMAPT to buy 2 cartons of cigarettes for Khalid. We had lunch at Schokolatnitsa, finally. We always spoke about how we like the joint very much but never went to one together.. but then again, today was only our 3rd meeting!

I am in a dilemma! I dont know what to bring with me!! My flight from Moscow-Riga allows 20kg but it is the damn Ryanair from Riga-Bristol that permits only 15kg! Any excess would be charged :( Bloody scam. I cant wait for my adventures to begin though! I get to spend a day in Riga with Boss, Pisa and Jeffrey which is actually very silly. We should have thought about it earlier like I could put up a night there, properly check out the city instead of a stopover. Okay, okay. Gotta pack!!

ps. this entry was written on the actual date, except that I didnt get the time to post it!

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