Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello 2008!

I put up a night in the hostel and the next day we all decided to usher the New Year at MGU. Word is many Malaysians were headed there so you know the home phrase "rombongan beramai-ramai". The more the merrier and it turned out to be superb! I stopped by Kvartal to get red wine and packets of chips, rendezvoused with the others at M.Universitat station. We had drank prior to leaving Kahovskaya hostel, it gave an extra boost to those who are naturally high on festive mood LOL

Taken within the MGU vacinity, we were already hyped up to party!

Between Christina and Jia Yu (I like the lighting effect of this picture!)

I was very excited of course. I got even more ecstatic when the place was packed with locals and foreigners alike. Our Malaysian group was so massive that the Caucasian peeps backed away from us! Minor fireworks were being shot in the sky, we were just watching and waiting for the clock hands to clap together at 12. More and more familiar faces showed up and I was making too much noise :P Best part was, I hardly even drank since I was busy pouring for everyone. But still, everyone thought I was gone when I was really happy and lost my volume control. I was on the top of my lungs from 11pm till 2am all the way!! Hahahaa it happens so often I guess it is hardly surprising anyways!

Posing with Meng Hua, Jan Jan and Yee Gin in the midst of a heavy crowd

My crazy Senioritaz friends! Angeline and Christabel (wine stains on her gloves LOL)

Fiq is a real sweetheart and he didnt nosebleed this time :P

Elyn, Shida, Hannan who publicly declared that I am his ex-wife and I

We took a lot of pictures but only a few are good qualities. Its high time these SLR camera owners bring their photography skills out of their pockets! Thank God the weather wasnt too cold. Oooohhh, guess what. Hannan and Shida were present too LOL It was a real pleasant surprise to see the couple all over the place! Russians suck at decorations. OMG. The towering, light-changing cone they call a Christmas "tree" was hideous. The green laser light beaming from MGU looked okay. Nothing to jump about and there was actually no countdown. Nope. We went screaming "Happy New Year!" based on the clock. The City Hall should know better to set up a digital clock!

The laser lights werent too impressive really but the "2008" display looked nice

So that was it :) It is officially 2008 and my reputation already went down the drain. Hahahaha I might have scared a few fellas off from my deafening voice but hey, you gotta party when you are supposed to! New Year's resolutions? I have none. Stopped making up a list for years. We finally dispersed from the spot when all hugs and wishes were exchanged with everybody.. anybody LOL Returning to Kahovskaya hostel was an adventure. We traveled in packs, not knowing if we were lost or on the right track! The Malay boys seemed to have a good sense of direction while Christabel and I lala-ed all the way!!

Happy New Year, folks!! 2008 is OUR year! We will graduate with a blast!!


Hannan said...

baby.... i'll always be there for u!!!! heheheheh...
u can run u can hide but u cant escape my lovee... hahahhaha

anyway, grab ur chance to win the perfume occay... even thou u already have a lot.. it doesnt hurt to win another one aite?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Thank you. I feel touched :)