Sunday, January 06, 2008

Heat And Ice

Bania was sooooo much fun!! Jan Jan organised a trip to the Russian styled sauna today and I was invited along. The true traditional Bania is usually at the outskirts of Moscow, where you cook in the steam room first, then run out in the open and jump into the frozen river! A hole would be opened and thats the climax of a Bania. After several minutes, you go back into the room and get beaten (for blood circulation) by dried Birch leaves. Since ours was at a commercial building, it slightly differs from the natural environment.

There were 16 of us, including yours truly. We rented the Bania for 2hours for 2000pyb. Divided equally and it was only 125pyb (about RM17). Not bad at all. We brought grilled chickens, drinks and other munchies. Since it was my first time at a Bania (sauna even), everything was intriguing for me :) We set up the food in the hallroom while the guys filled the empty pool with cold water. I wore a two-piece, the other girls were in t-shirts. The guys wore shorts mostly. The steam room was awfully hot! The heat comes from the boulder stones piled on top of this metal box. I am not too sure of the mechanism but trust me, it was HOT!!

"Aaahhhhh!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!" - frozen for words

Look at Quek and his S&M act as though the pool wasnt bad enough!

After 15minutes cooking ourselves inside, I decided to jump into the pool. No wonder everyone hesitated because it was f*ucking freezing!! Hahahahaa I got tricked!! Word is, you are supposed to sit in the ice water for 5minutes. I was the only one who sat for more than 5seconds!! It was hilarious. The feeling of numbness then pricked by needles.. I cant remember which sensation came first! Goodness. It was crazy!! But it really felt good when I lied on the bench and got hit by venik (a bunch of tied up rattan sticks instead of dried Birch leaves). Damn calm and relaxing :)

Adrian abusing the unsuspecting Swee Hung with the vinek

Food attack! A lot of snacks (and skins!) lines up on the table LOL

Each of us repeatedly alternated from hot to cold and vice versa for a couple of times, whacked the food and drinks. Everyone took a dive together for the last time half and hour before 5pm. We had to shower, clear up our stuff and leave the place on time because the next hour is booked by someone else. Woooohoooo! What a great feeling. My hair feels alive because of Christabel's hair treatment, goes damn well with the steam and my skin!! Ooohh-lala! My skin is soft and smooth now. All the blocked pores have been opened up and I can assure you, no mosquito can attack me. They will slip off! I feel like a thousand bucks! Bania is THAT goodlaaa!!


soolynnie said...

I want to go to a BANIA!!!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehee comelah to Russia. I will bring you there. This weekend might go again, catch a flight.. you might be able to make it :P