Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Nomad

I am back to my apartment after 4-day stay in Kahovskaya hostel. I had a marvelous time hanging out with my friends, being invited for meals and drinking sessions, Monopoly and Poker games, just to chill or for a chat. Aaaahhh. Simple indoor pleasures :) There are several Club House (rooms, really) that the same faces would show up in. I am usually at Room 215, 217 or 220. But I have widened my pick this time to the 4th and 5th floor too. All these folks are very generous and hospitable. I like!

Brunch Served: Victor cooked Teochew porridge for us on New Year's Day!
Clockwise: Peanuts, anchovies, salted eggs, Black Bean Fish and pickled vege with chicken!

Another Treat: Yee Gin, Victor, Me and Swee Hung having dinner together

Min Guan's Joint: He can look at the camera somemore! Poker=pokkai!

Also, I gotta remind myself not to gamble anymore. I lost few hundred roubles on Poker. Damn it. "Call" and "raise" are two words that make my heart skip a beat on the gambling table. Hahahaha I suck at Poker. Yes I have beaten Nick on a historical evening back in Bristol but in the hostel, they mean business! Now I know how my friends can bet till they lost their tuition fees. Bah! It was fun anyways to taunt the others into believing what great cards you have LOL

BP Check: Rajiv and Sukhi playing Doctor-Doctor while Jimmy looks on LOL

Non-Chinese Friends: Venoo Boy, Jufitri, Prabu, some Junior, Sukhi and Myself

A Darling: Ajed stands 150cm but hes so sweet, any girls would go out with him!

The Malay guys in my batch are gems. I love how everyone is always gathered in Room411, playing PS2, having a feast and everyone is so welcomed to join. Sometimes food may run out but somehow it would be refilled for more. Even in my shorts, I sat on the carpet, playing Monopoly with them without feeling uncomfortable. Ajed won in the end even when I own nearly the entire board!! Hahahaha it was hilarious!

Another Joint: Kenny, Jia Yu, Gary and Wendy looks on while someone calls the shots

Blurry Pictures: Taken from my N6300, pretty bad under tungsten lights. Oops!

Some nights I was in Gary's room, goofing around with Wendy, Ker Hsin, Huey Shin and Cheeky Boy. Alcohol was always present in 4 corners of the room. I guess its okay since we are on holidays now and I have become an expensive drinker. Keep gulping and dont feel the spin in my head. When I do, just take a piss and then I would sober up. Sighhh. But if you call me a drinker.. you havent seen the real fishes. These 5th Year girls are alcoholics! Hehehehe maybe my time is over :P

Boss and his brother, Jeffrey have left for St.Petersburg so Pisa and I are home alone. She is still feeling slightly under the weather plus unknowingly consumed 1L of Ling Tze herbal tea (some bowel cleansing action) so yeah. I need to have some heavy duty detoxing due to alcohol overload since last Sunday! Need to replenish my electrolyte balance, skin care, eye bags and do my dirty laundry too.

Seelahhh when I would drop by there again! Looks like I have found myself a Moscow getaway! :)

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