Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blind Date

Tolga is so adorable! He found me through InterPals a week ago. I was the one who suggested coffee because since we are both in Moscow, why not spice up my social life :) Earlier he gave me a description of the clothes he was gonna wear but all I told him was "keep an eye out for an oriental-looking girl at 6pm at M.Lubyanka". Hahahahaa easy.

The Turk (his height: 185cm) turned out to be charming, humourous, talkative, wee bit sarcastic, a good listener, patient, polite, bully-able and most importantly, worldly. He works as a Finance Analyst in his company which builds skyscrapers and right now they are on a project like building a convention centre or so. He has been to many countries for holidays/work and I was envious when he shared some stories with me! I couldnt take him seriously whenever I caught the German accent in his English! "Ja!". "Vat?". Hahahaha he sounded so funny!

Actually he looks much better in person.. serious!
I kept telling Pisa he looks like an ugly girl here LOL

I teased him most of the time (poor guy LOL). Calling him a Turkey, mocked at his sentences, made fun of the slangs he uses, scolding him for his "Only Child Syndrome" because he has the tendency to sound like a brat!! But he always succumbed to my demands like to pose for a picture, more pictures and then made him agree to my false claims, everything! He is such a fun person to hang out with! I settled comfortably with him within the first 1/2 hours in Coffee Mania. Plus he seems somewhat effeminate, my eyes couldnt take their sight off his hand gestures when he speaks. He is very expressive and animated.

We ordered Chocolate drinks, food and dessert which was awesome. OMG. Coffee Mania is the place to be for blind dates! The interior is brightly-lit, beautifully decorated, their dessert selection is rich so at least if the guy is ugly boring.. you can pay attention to the surrounding! :P This evening reminded me so much of my previous experiences back in the days. I remember Joe Tharmaraja, Ian, Thomas T.T. (the worst ever!), The Hawaiian Shirt dude, who else.. quite a number of guys I have met blindly LOL

Tolga and I plan to meet again next week, after his return from Ukraine (for work) and before I leave for my winter holidays. OMG! I will be in Latvia next weekend! Freaking awesome!! You know what I will do after this entry? Hehehee I will search for users from Latvia on InterPals. I might be able to make a friend or two in time, then ask them to show me around Riga! :)

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