Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Being Company

After Infectious Disease class ended around noon, I went to Ramstore Capital with Ajed, Fizal, Min and Quek. Ajed and Fizal went to make payment for their trip to Egypt while the 3 of us had lunch first. I have never stepped inside the relatively new mall at M.Universitet and I must say it is impressive! There are still Christmas decorations around but the best part is the sales going on now in Moscow. Everything is discounted up till 70%! Imagine how difficult it was to refrain myself from making random purchases!!

Of Nicknames : Min@Muhaimin, Fizal@Balong, Ajed@Faizal Nazri and CJ@Me

All of the Malay boys, if not majority of them have great personalities. They are friendly, talkative and even if their English is slightly broken, they would try to speak nonetheless. I feel so comfortable speaking Bahasa Pasar (Malay Creole) with them. For 6 years we have been in the same batch but only this time around I got to know more about their backgrounds properly. Such darlings! They are an animated bunch, especially when they speak with slangs and everything about them is just soooooo endearing!

Later in the evening, I attended Dinesh's early birthday celebration. That junior is so absent-minded that he forgot that he turns 21 this Friday!! He suggested that we should catch up sometime this week and mentioned Thursday. I agreed to it and casually reminded him that it is the eve of his birthday. He was dumb-founded! How could anyone forget their own birthday?? It is right of me to call him Donkey (even for affection, there is some similarity between them :P). I did plan to throw him a party in my apartment but I thought Boss, Pisa and Jeff are leaving on that day so I scraped the idea. So I bought him a cake instead. A humble Orange/Peach-flavoured Cheesecake :)

My Favourite Junior : Funny that I have a lot of affection for this kid :)

There was myself, Dinesh, Kanesh, Gary, Wendy, Ah Fook, Yen, May, Kean, Kien and Reimi. 11 of us seated at Devi Cafe. It has been ages since I last patronised that joint! As usual, food was delicious! I ordered Chicken Patiala and Roti to go with. Yums!! We watched and made fun of the Bollywood MTV in between. From laughing at the screen, we were laughing and teasing ourselves! The 2nd Year juniors were pretty chatty over the table, mainly about each others' winter holiday destinations. Gary and Wendy told me about their escapade to Murmansk and I am bloody envious!! They watched the auroras, partied too much and survived the 36-hour train rides to and fro. Damn!

Much later, a group of (only) Indian guys came in and sat across from our table. Like a feet away. I counted there were 10 of them, age group say.. 25-30 year olds. Kanesh eavesdropped and told us that they converse in Hindi meaning they should be North Indians. Then I so knew that this was gonna happen. About 5 of them were trying to catch my attention, among them 2 kept staring at me (on and off) with grins of their faces. Thank God they were humane-looking. Quite stylish too actually. Ooohhh and when I got up to go to the loo, nearly all of them turned and were prolly watching my back and/or butt.

Why does this happen all the time? Why do I attract Indian males??

Only in recent years that Mummy became convinced that Indian guys have a thing for me but what is it? I dont look like their own, definitely not in facial features or body (not even close) so what is it?? Before we made a move out of the restaurant, the older guys asked Kanesh if he was from India. Our aneh explained that his forefathers were and said that we are Malaysians. I didnt catch the full question but one of them curiously asked "The girl (maybe girls) from Malaysia also ahhh? Or China? Can speak English yaarr?". I refused to slow down to leave the place, ran up the steps and gathered with the others at the entrance!

Hahahahaa I was freaking myself out, to be honest. But I have every reason too because out of nowhere, one of the 2 guys who were staring and grinning at me earlier, hovered around the entrance. I gave him a smile (yes I did LOL) and someone should have recorded his expression. He grinned from ear to ear and winked at me! If only his jeans werent so high up his waist and the shirt was less patterned, I might have let him speak to me :P

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