Thursday, January 10, 2008

Andrew Johnson

What are the odds of two people from different backgrounds, met for the first time a year ago in UK and then met up again (spontaneously) in another country. And of all places, Russia! I joined Facebook a month ago and coincidentally found Androo through Hian Foo. I saw Androo's pictures were taken in Moscow and I immediately messaged him. We arranged for coffee and it was wonderful!

Yesterday was my blind date with The Turk. Today with The Brit. Hahahaaha yes. I have the tendency to go international when it comes to guys! I waited for Androo at M.Lubyanka and he showed up with his father! Mr.Johnson Senior married a Russian lady so he is living here. He escorted Androo to make sure he found the venue (but later Androo told me his father was keen to join us for a while, really LOL).

Whoops! There is a snowflake right in front of Androo's face!

We strolled along Tverskaya Street, chatting as we headed to Kafe Haus. I had a Chocolate Cappuccino and he had a Classic. It was good to see him. I couldnt overcome the uncanny meeting there and then :) Androo talks a lot and his English accent isnt so thick so it was easy for me to understand. Usually when I am in UK.. I cant even catch what the cashier tries to tell me. Androo said I appeared taller than he remembered!! Or maybe he shrank!! Hahaha either ways, with his height of 193cm, I dont even want to calculate how much I need to grow to get stand close!

I had Carbonara (which was too salty) while he had a Mexican Burrito. Yums!

After Kafe Haus, we took a walk all the way to M.Mayakovskaya or was it M.Pushkinskaya (maybe the former). I couldnt make up my mind for dinner, neither did he. I started to feel the cold so we returned to American Bar & Grill. I havent been into that joint for years!! So we had some food and I must say, Androo is a great company. He has his views and opinions on certain issues but nevertheless, agreeable on most. Since we were acquainted through Hian Foo, we couldnt stop including him in our conversations!! :P

Androo leaves for UK tomorrow. We have absolutely no idea when we would see each other again, who knows. Probably in some other part of the world the next time we do? Hahahaha that would be awesome. He did mention the Caribbean, or somewhere in Asia. We parted around 1030pm but I didnt want to make it as though we were never gonna see each other again. Thats about it. Hmmm.. I enjoy going on dates very much!


Emonix said...

u lil slut hahaha


Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahaa how affectionate, Kor.

Anonymous said...

andrew still got his hideous sweater with him. why cant he just put something nice for a date?