Sunday, December 30, 2007

Turkey Talk

Attention Seeker: Standing by our beloved chef cutting (mauling later) the turkey

Hehehee sorry for the silly title but it was the highlight of our early New Year celebration! Group 3 had been anticipating for this evening for weeks! The first and last time Victor roasted the big bird was 2005's Christmas Eve party. But then again, I should be honest and not say that it tasted the same this time since I cant remember the taste. I will only say that it tasted great!! Succulent white meat, lovely garnish of cherry tomatoes, dill and parsley. Victor even bought a little umbrella to decorate one corner of the serving plate LOL

Group 3 Girls: Mun Yee, Zhao Ing and I in display of extra affection tonight :)

Before Starting: A row of (yummy!) food served and a row of party people

Nice Picture: All the happy faces, cheerful and sweet like Champagne

The Foreigners: Aksan from Mauritius and Diana from Russia

Aksan and his wife, Diana are now used to the fact that Malaysians love food and not otherwise. Hahahahaa they ate till they couldnt breathe until they learned from us. Stood up, walked about, chat a bit and then Aksan's hand reached out for another piece of Buffalo wing :P We made my Screwdriver cocktail again, these fellas really liked my secret recipe!! Mun Yee made/baked Yule Log which was freaking yummy!! The Peach Tarts were nice too. Apple Pie was somewhat wet. Oohhh well. The other foods served were Plov, Beef Stroganoff, pasta and Chicken Maryland. Lucky I wore a puffy black dress!! No restriction for food inlet!! :)

I am staying over tonight and then tomorrow we would go to either Kremlin or MGU for countdown!!


soolynnie said...

Happy New Year, Gorgeous-but-Slightly-Lesser-Than-Me Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Silly girl, I didnt notice this message :P