Monday, December 24, 2007

Starlite Diner

Right Row: J2, Mun Yee, Zhao Ing, Jia Yu and Sunny
Left Row: Quek, Hwong, Yun Kin, Victor, Me and Eng Tai (middle)

Non-stop Christmas celebrations! My groupmates and I with addition of Yun Kin, Jia Yu, Eng Tai and J2 met up at an American joint at M.Universitat for Christmas Eve dinner this evening. I had made reservations earlier for it and true enough, the restaurant was really suited for the festive season, warm lighting and food was yummy too!!

Safe Bet: Cant really go wrong with cheese and tortilla :)

I had Tex-Mex again, lucky their Quesadillas was prepared with fresh lettuce, Guacamole was nicely blended and the salsa sauce was just right. The rests ordered steaks, pork chops, salads, Buffalo Wings, burgers, wraps, sandwiches and I had my fingers picking from every plate!! LOL I havent done that for a while actually. This time everyone shared their food, chiseled pieces and fed each other which was really nice :) Mun Yee's Buffalo Wings was inedible. Believe me. It was so fucking spicy I nearly died.

Starlite Diner has lack of selection on alcoholic beverages. Beer is there of course but cocktails none. All of us were rather disappointed so we all sipped on Fruit Shakes and Ice Tea. Hahaha like little kids on an outing. I loved their small bottles of Tabasco, HP and Kikkoman, the big salt shaker and huge serviette dispenser. It really looks like the diners from movies!! I was bloated from my cheesy dish and since Eng Tai (who sat next to me) couldnt finish his Club Sandwich and Cobb Salad, I did him a favour by gobbling them up!!

The bill was alright, not much damage (not for me LOL). We took a stroll to the Metro and I headed home instead of following them back to the hostel. Tis' okay! I will be staying this Sunday after our New Year's Eve eve dinner party!! Victor's baking a huge ass turkey and a long list of menu to go with!! :)

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