Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Postage Babies

Gynaecology/Obstetrics cycle is so-so. Our teacher, Dr.Natalia is very nice though. She graduated from the Academy in 1995. It is admirable that most of the Russian graduates return to practice in MMA's hospitals and/or teach especially after they have become famous doctors. Classic case like our ENT teacher, Dr.Ovchinnikov who would be the Head of the Department after his father while his grandfather is at the top of the hospital's hierarchy.

Sweet Slumber: No wonder toddlers are told that they were delivered by the Stock

Doner Kebab: Now I know how the term "Bundle of Joy" came about

We got to see some newborns today. They looked soooo adorable!! Wrapped tightly in blankets from the Soviet-era (you should see the prints on them!), one noisy little bugger was crying her lungs out and a few baby boys were throwing punches at the Paediatrician when she was listening to their tiny hearts. Aaaahhh! My mother-wannabe-feeling kicked in there and then! I see the others werent as affected though. Mun Yee shivered at the thought of the labour pain, Zhao Ing felt indifferent while the guys looked on without much say.

Fresh From The Oven: The wailing baby girl under hot lamp, she was blue a minute ago

We also saw a C-section delivery. The first cry a newborn is deafening but it is tad important because the louder the baby cries, the lungs to respire better and secondly, we know the baby is alive and not mute! Ooohh and theres no hanging the baby upside down or smacking their buttocks! Our teacher disapproved us taking pictures, she said its unethical to do such things. Pffttt. Some people take videos of the action for memory sake what.

Big Belly: Our teacher's demonstration to measure the size of the fetus manually

Earlier last week, we were examining pregnant mothers. Some awaiting their babies' arrival while others were admitted for infections (now that is an unfortunate cause). In this cycle, we are more or less repeating our 4th Year's syllabus. Last year's Gynaecology subject with Dr.Saidova was useless. She didnt teach at all actually except left us a file of notes to copy, then made us ask questions. But we will remember her for the rest of our lives because she told us matter-o-factly, "Big penis is good *signed the ideal size with her thumb and index finger, clucked her tongue*" continued with the statement ".. hits the g-spot" LOL. I think all, if not most gynaecologists are content with their sex lives.

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