Sunday, December 02, 2007

Steam And Soup

I followed my friends back to Kahovskaya Hostel after our event ended. Well, the after party just begun LOL The shuttle dropped us at the entrance but some of the guys went to Kvartal to buy beer and ingredients for steamboat!! Just like last weekend, I dumped all my stuff in Victor and CK's room while they chopped up meat, sausages, cabbages, crabsticks, and boiled the pots of soup for our supper. Yummy!!

Looks Weird: A knife in hand and a single sausage lying on the chopping board LOL

Pots of Soup: Victor was taking care of the heat. I loved the curry!

Quek bought me bottles of Redd's (delicious beer that doesnt taste like piss). The last time I had Redd's was 6months ago with Leeds, Kammou, Chilli, Harwin and gang from Volgograd when they came down for the annual Sports Day. Hmmm.. it was held in May *doing some mind calculation* so yeahhh.. 6months ago. To be honest I didnt eat so much back at Renaissance Hotel because I had to be careful not to mess my dress, wanted to avoid photographers taking pictures of my face stuffed with Lamb Kebab and it wasnt nice to jump queue all the time LOL Just because I wore a sexy dress.. a hungry man's still a hungry man.

Mini Social Gathering: I am not in the picture, busy snapping some LOL

Now I am: Resumed to my spot, as you can see, eyeing for more food!

Steamboat supper was superb!! There were about 20 of us, including Macik (that was why the Curry soup was halal). I am very impressed how Malaysians are bonded by food. Whilst waiting for the stuff inside the pots to boil, we yakked about the night, gossiped and mostly talked cock :P I loved the sound of the clink-clank from the beer bottles! Hahahaha it also means gulp them down my throat next! Ooohhh by the time it was 3am, my voice was hoarse like fuck. I had a sore throat yesterday, then all the cheering throughout Gala Night plus a bad throat history to add.. it was no surprise why I sounded like a Thai transvestite LOL

We lala-ed till about 5am, I didnt go to bed till 610am. I only had 4 bottles of Redd's. Rajiv and Theodore drank quite a bit of vodka and Sunny was the hero. Had bottles of beer, vodka and later, Baileys (his stomach-graveyard bad).

The Sweet Lot: (maybe except) Me, Swee Hung and Victor

At 5am++: What do you expect LOL All tipsy and talking thrash or hearing, whichever!

Everyone called it a night except Swee Hung, Ker Hsin, Jia Yu, Victor, CK, Rajiv, Sunny, Quek, Gary and myself. We still hung around, refused to budge. I collapsed on the bed but woke up again at those noisy fellas LOL Made so much noise in the room so Victor and I brushed our teeth together-together. CK offered his bed while he slept in Wei Shiong's room. Victor was like "Ah ha! We gonna be roommates tonight" just like last weekend. Better yet, I didnt hear the rumblings of the train beneath us this time :)

Another Weekend: An album full of irreplaceable memories :)


Emonix said...

"The night someone likes to suck tw (dick) ix and eat choco (chibai) pie! LOL"

I think I can die now. [@_@]

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahaa why you wanna die now??