Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gala Night Extra

Actually most of the pictures from Gala Night arent very nice to be honest. Some are out of focus while others are over-exposed (not talking about the outfits but the lighting) since these n00bs are using these SLR cameras. I managed to collect the pictures from my groupmates but they are all about the samelahh. Hahaha about 10 snapshots in 1 standing, only differ slightly in angles!

Lucky Draw: Hehehee I was ambushed and dragged upfront to hold the bowl!
L-R: Jufitri (President of SMSA), Me, Rajiv (the emcee) and Brunei Ambassador

Clearer Shot: The happy Ambassador and grinning Sukhi (the DJ) in the background

Merry Christmas: A lovely tree the hotel put up for our photo shoot frenzy!

Drink Up: Victor is damn cute! He proposed to me.. a toast and a pose LOL

M2 Friends: Masha (thanks for the reminder), Hannan, Me and his other half, Shida

The Cake: Heard it cost US$400! Does it look worthy, for that price? :)


Hannan said...

hye... 400usd? wow... that's nearly as expensive as touching my ass!!! her name is masha la dear...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hahahahaa touching your ass? 400kopeek or 400uds?? Stop having grandiose delusions please