Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good Times

It was a success spelled with capital letters!! First time throwing a not-so-small-scale Christmas party in our apartment and it turned out really well :) About 20 of us packed between the kitchen and my room, these folks came around 3pm and left at 9pm plus! That was 6hours of indoor fun! Come to think of it, other parties held never lasted this long LOL

I woke up rather late so I didnt manage to help prepare food. But I did concoct a pot of Screwdriver Punch! Boss, Pisa and Victor did all the bread spread, fried the fries, filled the salads into bowls and laid them all nicely on the table (with Pisa's fancy table cloth). June came earlier and brought Fruitcakes which she wrapped with strips of purple and silver paper! Pisa made her signature Bread Pudding this year and I loved it!

Simple Pleasures: The setting looks damn inviting and yummy!!

The Crowd: Sunny must have fingered some already (notice his empty plate)

The Party Folks: I love the fact that Malaysians are bonded by food!

My groupmates and theirs arrived at the same time. The minute they came in, dropped their coats in my room and everyone crammed in the little kitchen. Food served was just enough with bits and pieces of leftovers. The paté was a hit! We had a huge bowl of cream biscuits to go with it. I didnt touch it though. I mean it is chopped liver and I aint a big fan of blended organs :P But I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Black Hosts: My beloved friends cum flatmates *muuuaaahhh!!*

Clockwise: Hwong, Zhao Ing, Sunny, Mun Yee, Douglas, Quek, Me and Victor :)

The Room: How not to like when it looks so warm and cozy?

The setting was predictable. My groupmates hung out in my room the whole time while the rest occupied the kitchen. Occasional mingling in between, I was running from room to room for drink refills. Aaahhh, I alone had about 20 cups. Damn tasty! Mun Yee was knocked out from the alcohol while Zhao Ing complained of a headache. A few of them took turns to use the Internet (since the connection in their hostel is faulty), some slept off on the couch and on my bed but mostly we were just yakking alot. Everyone looked as though they were reluctant to leave! Until can resort to playing Old Maid and board games!! LOL

The Old Maid: Playing card games in the kitchen like little darlings

The Snake Bites: Sunny, Hwong and I had a great time trying to finish the game

We gathered in the kitchen towards the end for a toast. I think my groupmates brought that giganto bottle of Sangria. I gave a short speech which was kinda awkward and irrelevant but I did it anyways :P Like I said, these guys wanted to prolong their stay so someone suggested dinner. We ordered pizza, they ate and shortly, the party finally came to an end. Plenty of pictures were snapped and I shall post some here. The house was still neat so the clean up job was easy. Damn, we are such excellent party hosts!!

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