Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gala Night (Pt.2)

Before It Began: Dalvin (a skinny bouncer LOL), Fiq, Myself and Quek on the job

Every guests who waltzed in looked gorgeous.

Some girls who look like your average aunties had a major makeover! Since I was at the reception with Quek and Fiq, we got to see everyone the second they entered. You know, when I walked out of the ladies' room in full gear, I sat between Quek and Fiq.

A minute or so later, Fiq held onto his nose, very dramatic, crying for tissue. I thought what happened, maybe he sneezed and goo was on his hand or what. Turned out his nose was bleeding!! I asked why suddenly and he bombarded "You look so sexy and sitting close to me, thats why". I caused a nosebleed?? LOL

Proof: I thought it only happens in movies or to Naruto (acc. to Pisa LOL)

There was a bowl for lucky draw tickets so I wasnt seated anymore. I stood by the table, being PR to the guests. Unknown juniors, my batchmates, majority of the folks were shocked at the sight of my dress. Goodness. I have NEVER felt so glamorous in my life. The girls squealed at the sight of my white haulter dress, pointed at my cleavage complimenting how sexy I looked and guys requested to take pictures with me because I looked really hot LOL

It was very flattering. Every familiar face I saw gave compliments which sounded so genuine. Some went on prattling about how I am the one person who can pull off an outfit like that LOL Sukhi and Sharon pulled me aside and in a serious tone told me I was the hottest girl out of the 100s there were. Adrian was even better, shouted from afar (he's known to be deafening) "Waaaahhh!! Faster come here, you lookin' the most sexii one. Mussst take pikchier wif you!!" LOL

My Groupmates: Zhao Ing, Myself and Mun Yee looking like dolls :)

Lovely Girls: Won Gee, Angeline, Lai Yee (she looked GREAT),
Christabel and Jan Jan

Junior Babes (colourful too!): Me, Ker Hsin, Jacintha, Joey and Linie

Black and Whites: Jia Yu a.k.a My Sister, Me, Huey Shin and Priscilla

Rajiv was the emcee of the event. VIPs consisted of the Malaysian ambassador and his wife, Mr.Janin the ambassador from Brunei, Kak Zah (of Tourism Malaysia) and others. After the speech, dinner was served. For an evening of free flow cold cuts and hot main dishes, drinks (non-alcoholic), desserts, performances, good friends and sweet memories, 950roubles (RM130) was peanuts.

Pictures were taken left and right, and seriously, I could go on all night!! I had a big share of the limelight but I really wouldnt say I had it all because I didnt. Everybody was beautiful.

I borrowed Boss' camera but it ran out of batteries. I managed to take pictures but not of everyone. I shall collect them from my friends next week (same thing I wanted to do for the pictures from Drinks Dedication :P I still havent!). I would have loved to pose more but when in front of the camera, people were looking. I felt slightly uncomfortable so I thought I should keep the stunts minimal!

Bend For Tattoos: Wendy's blue rose and my butterfly
(Pisa says I look like a skank LOL)

Results: Dressed to kill? I think I might have murdered LOL

The Si-Fu's performed Eagle's Hotel California and a few other songs. This band has been around for years and the vocalist, Iman just gets better and better. Our 6th year friends too, created a band called The President for tonight. Hahahahaa cartoons. A lot of retro songs were played and I felt we were brought back to the 80's era like how our parents would have partied in their heydays!

Bob and Shema did a duet to a P.Ramlee's dangdut hit and the entire dancefloor went wild! LOL There was also a good mix of Bhangra/Hindi, RnB, some slow-mo romantic songs and the classic Arabic chart toppers which reminded me of the Pushkin days!. Priscilla, Joey and Fatin performed their belly-dance which weren't very synchronized. Who else performed.. Eng Tai, Aaron.. thats about it.

Most of the time, Victor and I would be swaying quite in front of, waving our hands in the air LOL

The Guys: My groupmates look good with the dress code of Smart Casual

Lucky Quek: After this pic, Yun Kin came running and took over his spot! LOL

All good things come to an end eventually but we all felt the Gala Night ended a bit too early. Towards closing, the 6th Years' felt emotional because like Rajiv mentioned.. 6 months from now we would graduate and thats it. Faiz sang to Chris Daughtry's Home in dedication to all of us. 6 years.. unbelievable. Whether you are close to a particular batchmate or not, thats another story but being comrades in a foreign country from the beginning till the finishing of our studies.. thats a history we created together :)

More pictures on this night here.

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