Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gala Night (Pt.1)

Aaaaahhhhh.. the Gala Night was GREAT! Magical December!

I enjoyed myself so much and I have so much to write about!! :) I feel proud that I was part of the committee since Melvyn Edward called me a couple of days ago to ask if I would volunteer to help deco the place up. I agreed immediately. It would be fun! Be there earlier, set up the place and get changed then anticipate for the crowd to come in.

I packed everything with me and arrived at Renaissance Moscow Hotel around 1.30pm. Bought some Snickers bars and biscuits for the crew and I dont know how much of help I was, really LOL Melvyn, Fiq, Fizal, Venoo Boy were there adjusting the backdrop at the entrance. I couldnt figure out what picture it was until 80% of the pieces were pinned on the board. It was actually a carriage in a 2/3D form. Whatever that is!

At Work: Mel, Venoo Boy, Myself, Fiq, Asrul and Fizal (tskk.. caught idling LOL)

My work was pretty simple. Put double-sided tapes (then peel them off) at the back of the styrofoam pieces and gave my opinion if they were centered or not hehehee Later I would be in charge of the registration of the guests, along with Fiq and Quek. The kepoh-ed (BM=being nosy) here and there, from arranging tables to clearing up the mess, testing the lightings and stuff.

At Work II: Balloons were sponsored by Tourism Malaysia!

Aksan and his wife, Diana came to deco the place with balloons. It was really nice to see the pair working together. Very cooperative and efficient. Aksan fills the balloons with helium, the wife ties it on the net strings and pap, pap, pap, balloons were being tied on the railings followed by the next batch. By the time it was 6pm.. the bus from Pushkin arrived and I had to rush to put on my make up and change into my (lovely) dress!

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