Monday, December 10, 2007

For Christmas

Gala Night came and went. For an event which was the talk for at least a month before it took place, I am particularly surprised that no one mentioned much about it after *shrugs*. My groupmates commented/complimented on a few girls, that was it. I guess it was a one time thing that I could look so good and shone like a star, I didnt want it to end. Ooohhh well :)

So Christmas is in 2 weeks' time and I am kinda excited about it. We dont have class today because we got our zacheot last Friday. I went Christmas shopping at MEGA to scope for presents for my friends. I bought some wrapping papers and ribbons too. Huge disappointment at the deco stuff. Hopefully they might stock something more fancy next week or so.

Earlier, Pisa suggested that we could invite everyone to our apartment. I am all in for it. For all the functions Boss and Pisa have missed, I say we host a massive Christmas party they will not forget!! We wont need to cook, serve finger foods, Pisa would bake her signature Bread Pudding *yums!* and we prepare in advance several types of Christmas cookies. Jugs of Fruit Punch and we could serve alcoholic beverages too. Sounds brilliant, I'm lovin' it already! Might cost us a bomb (not until nuclearlahhh) but this is the last Christmas for us in Moscow.. I really dont mind!

On the 22nd of December, I am attending a Christmas Bash organized by SMSA. It's a charity event for the orphans (something like that I think) and Jaclyn Victor's coming all the way from home to perform. Word is, on Christmas Eve.. my group wants to celebrate at Hard Rock Cafe. Hahahaha not satisfied at the fact that The Trio didnt get to throw their birthday party there.

What else is new. Ooohh Mum told me we have moved!! Not to Penang though. She said the house is at Seri Kembangan. She transfered 90% stuff of the house over. Good! I am not sure how far the new crib is from the city though. Bye-bye Cheras :( Paediatrics Infections cycle starts tomorrow. I wonder if it will be a pain LOL


soolynnie said...

You'll be soooo near to BabyLee then.... *ehem*ehem*

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Why.. where is BabyLee going?