Monday, December 31, 2007

Flashback 2007

My annual reflection of the year on its last day of expiry. It feels like I just made an entry for the year before not too long ago, seriously. 2007 eh. How much have I grown up in the past 365 days?

Daddy passed away on the 1st May 2007. It hurt so much and hurts still. A very sorrowful chapter in my life because I loss the man who loves me most in the world wide world. Mummy is strong and she is truly my pillar of strength now. In all my prayers, I only wish for one thing. I pray that she would live so old that she could see her children married, be a loving Grandmother and share all these stories with Daddy that he couldnt see. Fats finished his A'Levels and awaiting for his results. I am so proud of my baby brother.

The C4 reunion was great. The mamak-ing were fun, clubbing was milder this time around all of us managed to spend a short holiday getaway at rainy Langkawi :) Each of us have somewhat changed, I dont mean the friendship but something has to be done in order to keep one of us from slipping away. Everyone has a happy story to tell and sometimes a sad version follows. Keep in mind that it is the second story that we have to listen better.

In Moscow, I am spending a lot more time with every Malaysian possible. In massive outings, events.. even for casual meetings. I really enjoy very much. Hanging out and speaking whichever language that fits. Ooohh good news too that I am warming up with those whom I have turned a cold shoulder to. 6 months more to go and we would be singing to Vitamin C's Graduation. I thought why not reconcile, make up and keep the ball rolling. I am glad the process/progress takes place by itself. Otherwise it would just be awkward?

Love Life
Khalid and I are over before anyone realised. I put an end to it this time (for real) without looking as though a truck ran me over. It was a blessing in disguise for him, in my opinion because now he is doing things he never really bothered too because I was there.

I moved on, lala-ed with friends here and back home until I met someone whom I fell in love with. It was a funny experience how feelings could grow for a person when physical appearance never came first. At the end of the day, I learned one thing. Punjabi guys are trouble. They can be nice and all but seriously, friendship is enough. There isnt much ongoings for me now but hopefully I will get back into the game next year :)

5th Year finished with excellent results. I studied, I sat for exams and my efforts paid off. Let's see if my final year will be as rewarding.

Goodbye 2007.

Memorabilia of 2006.

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