Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas "Tree"

Boss, Pisa, Jeff and I were in Ashan to buy all the necessities for this Sunday's house party. Not really party but uhmm.. I am not too sure what its called because we told our friends to come over after 2pm. Is it late lunch or early tea time? LOL We will serve finger foods, salad on tiny breads and crackers, french fries, 3 types of cookies and Pisa's delicious signature Christmas dessert- the Bread Pudding. Oooohh she baked them last year and I cant wait to gobble them up again!!

I took care of the decorations in the house :) We have a 2-year old miniature Christmas tree on the kitchen table but I thought we needed something big to take the attention off the grease-stained and old wallpapers. It didnt take me too much effort to come up with something simple with minimal items.

I bought 2 strands of tassels, lined them in the shape of a tree and pasted them on a large piece of brown paper (f.o.c. from IKEA wrapping counter :P). I tied red ribbons on every edge of the "tree". Everyone who comes this Sunday could sign or write well-wishing on the background.
I could have added some ornaments in my room too since it is more spacious but nahhh. I dont want anything festive hanging because (I know I have mentioned this a few times) it isnt very respectful to my father. Like I said earlier, it is Chinese customs that we are supposed to avoid celebrations for 1-3 years. Boss and Jeff with their height came in really handy when we set it up in the kitchen!

Look At It: At least something right? Cost-efficient and environmental friendly

So yeahhh.. it looks like this! Hahahahaa they say its pretty and I am glad. We didnt want to spend too much on the decoration since it isnt really that compulsory. We rather spend the extra cash on food and beverages. Hohoho. Speaking of which, we are making Alcoholic Punch. No one knows which drink we should use but Pisa and I decided to mix 9Litres of Screwdriver with Sprite!! The otvieorka (Russian Screwdriver in cans) isnt something to be taken lightly! I have been drunk on just one, so has Pisa. Trust us, we know. Everyone's going home drunk :)

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Hannan said...

nice tree... very user friendly and pro bono... save the earth.. bla bla bla..