Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Bash

Generosity Counts: Christmas Bash Charity Concert promo

The charity concert was alright. Entertainment rating was no where close to 10 though. I guess I would definitely have enjoyed more if I were a foreigner I guess. Everything about it was very Malaysian. That explains why the American ambassador and his family were so excited, the Zimbabwe ambassador stood and swayed to Flora's Christmas carols too. This event was a collaborated project between *M1 and M2.

The Malaysian Dance Troupe performed traditional dances, the 5th Year fellas @Wake Up Call was very creative dancing with hip-hop mixes but their moves were rather flimsy and due to the number of dancers on a crowded stage.. they didnt look too synchronised. Some professional ex-model from M2 did a Fashion Show and it was crap. Bloody waste of time! So-called models (varied from hunched backs to stick figures and a couple of okay ones) was a real pain to look at. Jaclyn Victor was the highlight of the day but honestly, she didnt manage to cook up any heat or maybe we are a bunch of wet blankets. She tried hard, urging us to wave our hands or sing along. No one budged LOL

Ooohh two Brazilians put on quite a show! My first time seeing Capoeira (not sure how authentic but gotlahh.. the style was there) and their muscular, 6-pack, chocolate complexion.. yummy!! A group of Russians hip-hopsters made the Wake Up Call look amateur. They were bursting with energy and damn professional-looking. What else.. nothing muchlah. I enjoyed more mingling around with everyone present there. Sammy Boy was there.. the last time I saw him was 6months ago? Paul was there too with Han, Suren and I got ambushed by a group of Indian guys! They wanted to be introduced to "the hot chick" LOL

Dough Balls: Pisa, Boss and Victor getting their hands dirty whilst I watch LOL

Today also marks the End of Harvest on the Chinese Lunar calendar, its called Guo Dong. On this day, we make little glutinous rice balls with ginger soup for dessert. Victor followed me home after the concert. I am glad he came over with pre-made Emperor Chicken for dinner!! Hehehee tomorrow is our small scale house party so there is an extra pair of helping hands! :)

*M1- Moscow Medical Academy, M2- Russian State Medical University


Emonix said...

lmao. i forgot today is "guo dong". so much for being chinese malaysian. lol

Anonymous said...

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Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Hehehee you gotta be more updated with the Lunar calendar, Brother!!

Emonix said...

what the hell is that propaganda message underneath mine and above yours? lol

hard to keep up with the lunar calendar when you cant read chinese and you see your parents about once a month. :P