Saturday, December 15, 2007

Brave DC

I made some really good friends over the Net since beginning of time. In this entry, I feel like expressing my admiration for DC, a friend I have been corresponding through email for a while now and what he is going through. His father is dying of colon cancer, struggling on his deathbed in their home. I am not sure if its appropriate to BLOG about this but I envy DC.

I envy that DC could be there to hold his father's hand for strength, to whisper any words of comfort that would help ease his father's suffering, try to divert his attention from the pain to paradise, fetch him his medicine.. everything. It requires tremendous courage to witness a family member in a terrible state and it is never easy. Emotions apart.. imagine cleaning up the filth, withstanding the odour, gross fluids that could be escaping from any orifice of the body, all these arent a pretty painting to look at, let alone taking care of them. But love is love. DC is doing his part as a filial and respectful son until his father's last breath.

Mummy had told me about Daddy's remaining days quite a number of times. I guess if I were around at that time.. I only would have cried my eyes out. I would have been disorientated, not knowing what to do, which would kill Daddy (even faster) to see me devastated over his condition. Or maybe like Mummy.. like DC.. I would have been brave? I would have cracked jokes and made Daddy laugh with the little energy he had left in him? Watched over him as he slept? I wouldnt know because I was not there :(

I could relate to DC and his father needs him now more than ever. Things happen for a reason. I understand it is unbearable for him to see his father, unlike some who pass on without a drag but God works in mysterious ways. Also lately, I am out participating and partying at every event there is but I am aware that I should do it on a moderate scale. I have not worn anything red nor painted my nails ever since. I say my prayers, though not on a fixed routine but I do. I pray that DC, stay strong to hang on a little longer.


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