Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tataaa TB

Last class of a subject usually ends with a test or some sort. It was pretty much a joke for TB, really. A set of MCQs and 5 X-ray pictures to rule out the syndromes. Easy pea plus it was open-book/notes. Hahahaha Hwong had his entire stack laid out in front of him. Dr.Biron invigilated but he didnt stay put in the room. He was always in and out which was irritating because the door was behind me. Everytime he walked in, he would ask in his faggoty voice, "Anybodii readii? Anybodii?" *rolls my eyes*.

Well-prepared: Unlike Aksan who had nothing to spread LOL

Looking Serious: Yes I posed for this. Fooled you there! :P

We got our zacheot book signed and off we charged to East Buffet!! I havent been there for months. Not like the Chinese dishes they serve they are helluva tasty. Some are oily, others are way too oily to consume but I crave for the Pork Ribs! There are 2 kind of buffet prices. 199pyb (RM27) for the green plate and 249pyb (RM34) for the red plate (bigger). Each customer is only allowed one go around the buffet section with unlimited amount as long as you can balance the food on the plate. We could either have a bowl of soup or sorbet. I went for the fruity ice cream of course!

Pictures Lie: Look at Before and compare. I'm speechless!

"My eyes wanted to eat more than my stomach could". Hehehe some German saying. I kept scooping, obliviously to the mountful of food. Everyone was shocked when I returned to the table! My groupmates learned their lesson from previous visits so they werent extreme with the portions this time. I loved the Pork Ribs. Ooohhhh man.. succulent marinated meat and fats. Dont gawk at the sight of my plate! It was the ribs, really.. okayy.. there were also noodles, vegetables (Seaweed Stir-fried with Tofu) and Peking Duck rolls on top. Forget the picture. Believe me when I say I am a small eater!

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