Thursday, November 01, 2007

Silent Momento

Mummy is doing alright, going yum cha with friends and dinner weekly with Aunty Amy. I called her pretty often last month but of late, I have cut down to calling her either on Saturdays or Sundays since there isnt really much going on except for classes.

Fats is sitting for his A'Levels examinations right now, always reporting to me after he had sat for each paper. We text each other alot and I enjoy reading his sms. He would randomly tell me about the menu for lunch, that he went on dates with some girls, spamming himself with quotes like "Who knew Einstein was religious or Plato was a feminist?" etc. Last week he took part in a race with 5000 participants. Fats finished 9th and he dedicated his medal to me :)

Well, today marks 6 months since Daddy's passing. Yeahhhh. 6 months have passed. I remember the morning around 11am. Mummy called to inform me the devastating news. The conversation still feels recent. How I cried my heart out till Boss and Pisa came running into my room to find me kneeled on the ground. I think about Daddy, sometimes. It saddens me most when I speak to Mummy and realise that she isnt going to pass the phone to Daddy. He is elsewhere now but I believe he can hear us, phone or not.

I miss Daddy alot. When I look at my tattoo, the bluish-purple butterfly perched on the back of my right shoulder.. it gives me a very warm feeling inside. I look myself in the mirror and feel very proud that I got Daddy's features. Everyone who knew him would gawk in disbelief at how much we look alike. I am a genuine Daddy's girl. I am still and always will be.