Sunday, November 04, 2007

Racial Fumes

The Mix: Black or white? Can it or not be both?

Bollywood-fucking-drama in the making!

I dont know to laugh about it or feel upset. Like Pisa said, "It's your fucking fault. You brought yourself into this "girl for keeps" category". Hahahaha I did? So a guy meets me right. Falls in love with me and decides that I am the girl he will spend the rest of his life with. What happened to casual dating, movies and hanging/making out?? These potential boyfriends I come across dont need to ask "Will you be my girlfriend?" anymore. They can just ask "Will you marry me?". Aaarrgghhhh!

For recent updates, I am caught in a situation *lets out a sigh*. I like Navin. I really do. But first, let me skip the description of what kind of guy he is because everytime I list the contents in the perfect package, I seem to jinx them. I shall just keep it short. Cute. Nice. Funny. Uhmmm enough LOL Problem is.. he is a Bhai. Yes. I dont know how but they just keep on coming AND the scenario gets better and better. Navin is sure that his family wont approve of him dating a non-Punjabi girl. Now he says he is willing to go against the world for me.

Classic production of a 3 or 4-hour long Indian movie.

I feel terrible being the root of his plan. What was worse, Navin told me the other night he told his friends that he likes this Chinese girl and guess what happened. They turned a deaf ear and he got a full blown lecture from the clan. Seriously.. what is this? Which era are we living in now? I think I should start keeping an eye out for Chinese guys. No excess baggage, no cockstares and at least my family and the in-law's would be happy at the wedding reception unlike having Bhangra vs KTV half-naked singers. It's really fucked up if you give it a serious thought.

I feel like there is so much pressure for me to even consider another interracial relationship. I am a pure Chinese, god damn it!! Why does the colour mean so much? Shouldnt it be the person's character, a good heart, the virtues and all? Seriously. I remember a couple of years back, I hardly knew anything about Punjabis (Sharon is notlahh.. shes a pseudo-Punjabi LOL) and I think I either told Mummy or Pisa that. Now when I know about them, been with one and hearing more from another.. its fucked up.


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