Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Picture Test

Psychology is even more fun than TB. Maybe not since Dr.Kinkulkina always abandons us. The Indian assistant-doctor would come and babysit us (which is traumatic because he speaks with this thick Indian accent). He graduated from our Academy, now he practices in the Psychology Dept. for his specialisation. We have a hard time trying to understand him. Plus how to take him seriously when he asked us to surf Wikipedia for Freudian's Theory?!

Psychology Class: Seriously, which one looks mental? LOL

We learned about Temperament today. Then we were given a stack of papers, each piece has 4 pictures on it. A very old lady patient came into our room and we carried out the test on her. She had to choose the odd one out and state the reason. It was very intriguing because some choices she made were normal but her explanation was.. not wrong but somewhat abstract while others were just odd. There isnt any correct or incorrect answers, really. The test is mainly based on the patient's way of thinking in contrast to the mentally stable folks'.

I will attach a few examples below. I dont know how to create a link for the results but you could do the test too. Look at the picture, make choose the odd one out and state why. Try not to read the caption below the pictures first. Good luck!

Old Lady: The hammer because you can wear the glasses, sit on the table and watch the bird.

Non-mental: The bird because others are objects.

Old Lady: The bed because you could sit on the chair and table to have tea but not on the bed (her answer is supposedly a classical case for Schizophrenia).

Non-mental: The little cup because the rests are furniture.

Old Lady: The butterfly because the elephant can drink from the bucket and the goose can swim in it but there isnt anything the butterfly can do with the bucket. Hmmmm.. has she got a point there?

Non-mental: The bucket because the rests are living things. Don't you think so?


jeet said...

i still think its scary that the goose is taller than the elephant!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

I told you what!! Not to scale LOL

chiiliyeow said...

wow,the a ma has her own logic! totally paralogia!but not totally wrong la a ma..not bad..she has her brain working on it!