Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nikulin Circus

Unaware: Iasonas and I all excited for it, if only we knew..

Aron bought tickets to the Nikulin Circus which is supposedly one of the oldest (and very few) permanent indoor circus in the world. Swati found the circus extremely entertaining but I didnt want to jeer at their performances in front of her. Honestly, the circus show didnt impress me one bit. Okay. Maybe the trapeze acts but that was all. Even Iasonas looked so bored!

High Altitude: At least the acrobats kept me on the edge of my seat

There wasnt any clowns, hardly any animals even. There was only one miserable horse galloping and drooling all over the platform, a few chimpanzees which werent very obedient and those mini poodles.. OMG. They were annoying, hyperactive and ridiculously confused. Cant even bring myself to say they were cute.

I mean how good can the circus be when there isnt any clowns? Yeahhh.. I was there glued to my seat but where were the others?? The great Russian clown, Yury Nikulin would be heartbroken if he knew his successors today do not include clown acts.

I still prefer the circus at M.Universitat a lot more. I went there with my groupmates 2 years ago and I remember they had a few brown bears and an elephant doing some stunts. Their "Flying men in mid-air" (Cantonese=trapeze) show was marvelous.

Actually I miss my all time favourite, The Royal London Circus which always showed up in Malaysia. Daddy used to bring us there whenever they were in town. Aaahhh.. those were the days. Plus after watching several troupes from China in action, these Nikulin Circus can burn down their building to asheslahhh.

Real disappoinment.

Aron sms-ed me for another outing at the Dolphinarium. Boss took Pisa there a few years back and they both gave thumbs up for the show. I guess not anytime soon because we have many events coming up till mid-December. The cocktail party next weekend, followed by Gala Night etc. Let me take down a mental note to stay in shape LOL

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