Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jewellery Hunt

Dress hunting for the Gala Night on 1 Dec is over. Now.. we have moved into another issue. Accessories. Oooohh I didnt mention that last week I helped Zhao Ing find this pretty tube dress in Manezhnaya Mall. It was great. I felt so relieved that she finally found something to wear. I dont know but for this formal event, most of the girls are acting like Cinderella.

Not the house chores, no evil Stepmother or Stepsisters, no Prince but the outfit. Goodness. Some juniors purchased over 5000pyb (RM600-700) dresses for it. Horror!! They are willing to go all out with their cash. Tskk tskkk. Lucky for me, during the summer holidays I bought several set of clothes and shoes, brought them back here. I even have the entire set for my graduation. Or else, I would have to be a pauper to look like a princess LOL

But it's quite fun accompanying my friends. Mun Yee, Zhao Ing and I went to the European Mall at M.Kievskaya to shop for necklaces, bracelets, clutches and shoes. I have my Cacharel dress, a pair of trendy black and white heels, my JPG handbag and a long chain to go. Come to think of it.. I might want to buy a black bangle/bracelet since the silver bangles I bought dont match the dress. Bloody bangles, way too shiny.

Mun Yee is wearing a tube dress, the a la mode style with ribbon under the bust, Zhao Ing's is rather similar whereas mine is a white haulter dress. Compared to theirs.. mine is plain *shrugs*.

Serious Business: Mun Yee brought her dress to colour match the accessories

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