Monday, November 05, 2007

Innocent Patients

After a sedated 3-day weekend, I was glad to go back to class actually. There were a lot of gossips and a couple of my groupmates gave me a fair share of juicy details. We didnt study with Group 10 today because it was Epicrisis Day. No, not crisis. It means case history studying, seeing patients and writing reports.

We went to the TB Paediatrics Department and ooohhh my god.. the kids are SO adorable! There was one particular boy/girl/unknown who came out to greet us from the playroom. He/she/it has big, round eyes and the face looked SO cute!! Why he/she/it? The child looked like a boy but the clothes seemed to be for girls. Blue sweater with leopard print fur for collar. A cross dresser? Hahahaha noOOoOooOoOoo!

Not A Cross Dresser (not really): Poor thing.. he's got TB

Only later we found out that the little kid is a boy. One of his elder siblings was infected with TB so all 3 of them were admitted to the hospital. About the clothes.. it belongs to his sister's. He ran out of clean clothes! He was timid with us towered around him. He even squeaked when answering our questions regarding his illness! I had to grab hold of him for a picture but my phone ran out of battery. Douglas snapped for us and awwww.. just look at the innocence in his eyes 8)

Douglas and I got a Gypsy Boy to examine. Yeahhh. Those fortune-telling folks except the ones in Russia are pickpockets. They are a minor population here without registration. Cant even call them illegals because their countries of origin and identities are unknown. They commit petty crimes but no point tossing them behind bars because they just take up space. Our patient is 8 years old and his parents are very clever. Dropped him in front of the hospital and left. Hes been staying there for 1/2 year and his parents never came to visit him. Hes being treated for TB (in warm bed and fed healthy meals) and lucky for him, he is recovering. Once he is discharged, he would return home.

Speaking of which.. there is a video Pisa and I caught last night. A bloody cute clip to "Awwwww.." about. Two otters in the Vancouver Aquarium, floating on the water HOLDING hands!!
Do watch it. They got separated but see how one of them reaches out for the other then gives kissy, kissy. I wanna kissy, kissy someone too!! *envious.. of animals??*

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