Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fried Chicken

Fried foodstuff just reminds us of Paul. This was the first time meeting up with him since I returned to Moscow. We went to Picasso Cafe (our usual joint) at PFU for dinner after the Unity Games ended. Aaahhh.. speaking of the Unity Games, it was quite entertaining really. The Dodgeball was newly introduced this year, Futsal (as always) won by Sukhi, Ju, Rajiv and those fellas, I didnt watch Basketball or Netball though.

Paul-O: The guy I shared the flat with 2 years ago

It was nice to catch up with Paul. He looks much better now in his slightly boy-ish hairstyle. I am happy to hear that his relationship with Tiffany is going well (though in my personal opinion, I think shes a bitchlahhh). Though he confessed that after graduation.. he isnt really sure whats gonna happen to the relationship. Haihhh.. hes not the only one shaky about this. Anyways, Paul was rather disturbed to hear about mine, he advised that I should keep an out for Chinese candidates. He feels that I would be better off with someone my race.

I do understand what these guys are trying to tell me. But seriously, its not that I havent tried. Best example, look at the okcupid site!! 4/5 guys who messaged me are Indians! Indians from America, Indians from Malaysia, Indians from INDIA. Pisa said its the face. Either you attract your own kind, or not-your-own-kind. Okay. And then what? LOL Paul and I covered stories of our summer, friends, family, gossips, studies, post-grad plans, gossips etc for 4 hours I think. We gobbled up our food in 30minutes :P

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