Saturday, November 24, 2007

First Time

Aaahhhh!! Very irresponsible drinking at the Drinks Dedication event! Definitely suited the theme "Unforgettable"! My stomach was a graveyard churning with mixture of wine, cognac, rum, beer, whiskey and actually I cant remember what other alcohol I drank but they were all good stuff!

It was one of the best times I ever spent in Kahovskaya Hostel. Everyone was laughing and dancing, cracking jokes as they sipped their cocktails, even those on non-alcoholic drinks were having a great time. Quek, Zhao Ing and Hwong dedicated Sangrias and Mojitos to me, no wonder they told me "Ehhh.. you make sure you come!" :P The MMCU committee seemed to have put a lot of effort in tonight's event. Imagine them preparing the mix downstairs in the kitchen rushed back and forth into the balloon-filled party room while we were having fun!

Fancy Drinks: Taste even better! The fruits too! I emptied them cups!

I wore my (very) short skirt and black boots. I thought I was over-dressed but turned out there were others who wore outfits meant for a club night in the city LOL DJ Priscilla played RnB and old school music to get the crowd dancing but the dancefloor was occupied only towards the end when most people were tipsy. Speaking about tipsy, Ker Hsin and Ravinder are the promiscuous bunch. I mean.. being touch-feely to your own friends? Yikes.. kinda awkward, right?

Too bad my N6300 work poorly under dim lighting. I have yet to collect the pictures from my friends. Wait a day or two and I shall post them all up! My favourite drink was called "First Time". Hahahahaa it was prolly beer mixed with Spritelahh.. some Shandy-action but overall, it wasnt a scam for MMCU to raise funds. They were very generous with the alcohol. Even the vodka shots filled the glasses properly but I knew better NOT to touch the fermented potatoes. Otherwise I would be puking all over the place and behaved like a fool!

Some of us continued lala-ing at the corridor on the 2nd Floor, desperate for more alcohol LOL Christabel and I seriously wanted to kupehhh the whole night! But it was past curfew so no one could sneak out to buy. Meng Hwa and Cheeky Boy were soooo sweet, contributed their bottles to us!! We proceeded to singing Karaoke in Huey Yin and Adrian's room till 5am. Hahahahaa I dont know how but I was singing to Chinese songs I have never heard in my life whilst reading the lyrics in traditional Chinese!! Everyone in the room were impressed!

Next day, the Indians are having a cookout and several of them told me earlier, to come over for lunch. They didnt know I was putting up a night in the hostel LOL Funtastic weekend! Let me see what pictures I managed to capture tonight, they should do for now :)

Chor Tai Tee: Chinese will be Chineselahhh, Jan Jan and Christina LOL

Fooling Around: Thats me in my geek-glasses and Min Guan @President of MMCU

Songbird: Swee Hung singing away.. we have a lot of members who can sing!

At 5am: Exhausted hosts LOL Adrian prolly chasing us out and Huey Yin knocked out!

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