Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Belated Deeps

Whoops! I totally forgot to make an entry about the Deepavali cookout in Kahovskaya Hostel which took place the very next day after Drinks Dedication (that was two weekends ago)!! The Indians celebrated their festival late and I am writing about it even later LOL

Diwali Folks: Sangeeta, Puspha, Esther, Archana and Prabu on their shift

According to my friends, the Indians decided it was time they hold at least one occasion like this since Malays and Chinese were always generous and hospitable when it comes to Hari Raya and CNY. Our Malaysian Indians and the Indians (confusing) started to prepare in the kitchen around midnight. I was lala-ing at the Karaoke room till 5am. When I peeked into the kitchen around that time, Wishi-wishu and his members were still chopping ice cold mutton (Tips: Goat meat is better cut frozen, otherwise it would be slippery).

Hard Labour: Hours ago, Wishi-Wishu (far end) in red and that's Christopher, snarling

The 1st Floor study room was decorated with meters of these saree cloths (I forgot what theyre called), very simple but the beauty of the girls clad in their Punjabi suits were stunning. Manisha, Noreen, Arunah and Sangeeta have sweet floral prints on theirs. I was very flattered when they asked why I never wore one, Arunah said she could have lent me something :) Hahahaha see how involved I can get with the Indians *wink*. Food was rather spicy for my tastebuds. I loved the Kehseri! (its dessert) and what else.. I didn’t like those chickpeas though, they tasted raw.

Bling-bling: Arunah, Manisha, Noreen and Me (should have worn a Punjabi suit too)

Girls of India: Esther a.k.a. Pisa's best friend, (except) Me, Reshma, Archana and Jasorta

Our guys were very cute, the Indians on the other hand wore dhoti or how-you-spell-it. Hahahaa their outfit looked airy and spacious inside. Theodore said only Indian men in the villages like to wear them. I think he lied :P Then Anthony flashed me his belt around his dhoti. He said he cant be too careful, trust the monkeys to strip him LOL I had quite a long chat with Archana, Shilpa and Reshma. These girls are real darlings!

Not Spicy, Not Curry: Victor's stomach is a blackhole, he cleared most of my food too!

I remember when almost every guest had taken their food and left, I sat outside and observed the ongoing among the Indians. I smiled to myself just by watching them. Nikhil and Ruupak squeezing in for the (large) group picture while Avadhut dived in, Sukhi posing with his peace sign, the girls giggling at the cartoons and I giggled too. It is unbelievably pleasant to hear laughter, feeling the fun even when I am not a part of it.

On my way out from the hostel, Sukhi and Sharon were chilling on the couch in front of the study room while Venoo “Clean Up” Boy was posing next to a bucketful of mops. We spoke for a bit and it is true that whatever event that takes place now, will be the last. We finish in 6months’ time and there will never be massive gatherings with the same faces anymore. Sad but true.


Emonix said...

seems fun. :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve said...

Yupe! This is what happens when the place is full of Malaysians :)