Friday, October 26, 2007

TB And Tea

Today's lecture was by far the worst. I spoke too soon about enjoying TB cycle :(

The lady lecturer looks like a squished Snoopy, speaks English so bad I gave up trying to understand what she was explaining and I wonder why she even bothered showing us slides on the projector when she changed them too quickly. The Indian group kept yelling "Ma'am! Ma'am!!" but unfortunately she doesnt have ears tuned to that calling, it was as though she blocked out all the protest sounds we made!

X-ray Pictures: Thats the lady lecturer *sighh*

X-ray Pictures My Ass: Look how disturbed I am

The best part of class was when 2 of each students were given an envelope which contained 20 over lung X-rays. We had to point out differences on lung pictures to classify the type of TB. She hasnt even taught us the topic but expected us to know. I got 0/0 for both films and so did Victor. But when Victor exclaimed to her there isnt any Miliary TB in our envelope, she asked for his name and said "Very good, I give you 1 point!". Hahahahahaa I nearly vomitted blood but because it was fucking stupid, I had to swallow them back.

The Attacker: At least Nikhil offered, 1/4 of Sandipan's face

What a struggle. Break time she invited us to her office. Offered tea, chocolates, crackers to which Nikhil attacked mercilessly. He ripped open the box of almond nuts, grabbed a handful and left with Ruupak. I made myself a cup of Strawberry Cream tea and headed back to class. Noo doubt she is a nice lady, only blur and delusional to assume that we enjoyed her lectures :P

The slides for an example case was shit. Shit means shit. The patient had sex change for god knows how many times. Sunny and Hwong tried so hard to hold their laughter. I couldnt help but zoomed in on the slides, I am going to attach the pictures below! "He was born in Moscow, HER growth was appropriate..". What the fuck! Hahahahaha I dont know what is appropriate anymore when I read it. Now you tell me!

Sex Changes: Other schools will laugh in our faces if they saw this!

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