Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sales Galore

Woooohooooo!! I made cash today!!

My Donkey: Hahahahaa helping me carry the loads

Dinesh came over to the apt, sat down for a smoke and then helped me carry 4 huge bags containing winter coats, a few jumpers, some tops, bags and (my dear, dear) boots. I had pre-informed Hui Min and Amanda earlier that I was coming to Spartivnaya Hostel this weekend so they had better gather their friends to check out what I have for sale.

I am bloody happy I managed to sell 90% of what I brought there :) Not to say I am rich now but suddenly I have 9000pyb (~RM1200) which is extremely awesome!! Plus my wardrobe has more space now and during the winter holidays.. I can purchase many more new stuff!!

The Clothes and Bags : Quite a pile on the bed

The (very nice, trendy) Boots: Sold like hotcakes!! :)

About 10 girls stood around in Amanda's room. I was seated on the bed, watching them so I guess they were shy to show any expression on anything. I excused myself, told them to look while I visit some friends. I didnt leave the block, just stood at the corridor and goodness, the screams and excitement were eardrum-breaking! But I smiled to myself, I could guarantee sales already. And true enough, when I entered.. majority of them were holding on to the items they wanted.

Great thing was, none of them, not even one tried to bargain. I kept assuring them my stuff are relatively new, which is true and sadly I cannot lower the prices anymore. They all understood since my stuff are branded. At the price I tagged, they should be laughing till their mandibles fall off! :P

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