Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Post-Break Up

I have gotten over the depression caused by a short-lived relationship which contained nothing but empty promises and a lousy boyfriend whom I prematurely thought that he was going to be The One. How blind and deaf I was. I don’t give a flying fuck anymore to why he treated me the way he did, even if there was any excusable reason, it doesn’t justify because he had no bloody right to make me upset.

My friends weren’t aware of my dilemma this time. I don’t blame them because they saw how much I was into him and they probably couldn’t earnestly give me their opinion. I should have returned to my senses when they gave me the slightest doubt in the beginning *tip- remember to believe them if (god forbids) this happens again*. It was entirely my own fault to be lead into a bullshit fairytale.

A lot of activities took place over the weekend and that helped too. But most of all, I would really like to thank a special someone who made lame-ass jokes to keep me laughing and kept me company till wee hours in the morning. He also (bravely) professed his feelings for me. Now, that was totally unexpected! Although I did kind of feel the chemistry between us but I didn’t know it was so intense for him :)

Navin is cute, funny, speaks with a sexy Australian accent and he has been my secret admirer for a year plus. Hahahaha imagine how good I feel. But he also made it clear that because of his love for his family, things wont be easy with the elders if he dates a non-Punjabi girl. Otherwise he would have asked me out after the first time we met. I respect him a great deal for his honesty. Either ways, problems or not, I still need sometime for myself before I jump start into another relationship! :)