Thursday, October 18, 2007

Opened Options

It is much easier to plan for the winter holidays this time. Our semester ends with Infectious Disease cycle on 18th January and WITHOUT exams! I am though, in a dilemma about the destinations :(

At first Julienne kept suggesting a holiday together but later she clarified that she meant in October. She thought I have a break around this time like last year when I went to Alton Towers to celebrate my birthday. Pork Chop forgot that I skipped classes to go on rollercoaster rides in Birmingham! Anyways she didnt sound too keen about my official winter holidays with those "I'll let you knowlarrr.." and "See firstlarrr.." etc.

Victor, Mun Yee, Yun Kin, Douglas, Sunny and his girlfriend are confirmed going to Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona and Munich. They even bought the tickets already. Hwong and Zhao Ing told me they might stay back in Moscow while Boss and Pisa are unsure of which continent, I always hear different countries mentioned. Sometimes The Scandinavian, Eastern Europe and Pisa advised me not to count on their plans. I guess it doesnt matter who goes where because I started an itinery of my own.

I shall take a 14-hour bus to Riga (Latvia). I arrive at 10am so there are 2 options. I could either make an exit to the city then return to the airport for my flight to Bristol OR stay like a day or two there by myself. I choose Bristol as my hub because there is a direct flight from Riga plus I can do my shopping there beforehand.. spend for a couple of days with Khalid and Pork Chop. That might be fun since Khalid and I are friends (thought that might not happen LOL).

I can also hop to any city to rendezvous with my friends. Then theres always Nigel in Dublin I could visit, Hian Foo and Hong Zen in London and the list goes on. Guess I am spoilt by the options! By late November/December I should be able to fully plan out my journey. I will be back for our 2nd semester which starts on 7th February.

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