Sunday, October 28, 2007

Open House

Okay! Woke up around 1pm, headache-free! Just a somewhat dry throat and heavy eyelids. Pisa and I went to bed around 2am but I didnt sleep till an hour plus later. Birthday sms still came pouring in :)

There was a Hari Raya Open House in the hostel at 3pm today. Venoo Boy sent us an invitation, anticipated our visit to their last Raya cookout in Moscow. Earlier this week itself, as soon as I heard about it.. I was determind no rain or snow would stop me from going! Boss and Pisa stayed home though, they were tired to be moving anywhere out of the house (maybe if their Kent4s run out.. one of them might).

I wore the birthday present Boss, Pisa and Wishi-wishu bought for me! A very trendy purple-black chain! I love it! Never bought myself such big, round plates to wear around my neck before LOL Before I walked into the entrance of Kahovskaya Hostel, I could hear the noise at the hallway already. It was crowded with folks from our batch, juniors and many from other hostels. Almost everyone were surprised to see that I "made it". Some immediately hugged and wished me Happy Birthday!

Come to think of it.. my birthday was spent at the Raya Open House *grins*

Almost All Purple: Grrrreat to see my favourite colour!

It was lovely to see the Malays went with the purple theme! The guys donned in purple (or somewhat that shade) baju melayu, the girls in fancy baju kurung and Krun's green baju kebaya was very eye-catching! Aaaahhh.. it was damn muhibah to see faces of all races left right! As I went to Sukhi, Melvyn Edward and Prabu at the beginning of the table for my serving, one of themlahhh.. burst out in a birthday song and the entire room was singing along! Hahahaha I felt SO shy I tell you. Me? Shy? Yes I was!!

Alot of Tudungs: They look pretty though! Its the colour!

The Difference: None are Malays! LOL Melvyn, Sukhi, Shilpa and I

Nice Company: 5th Year Junior, Me, Venoo Boy, Kindut and Ju (busy eating!)

As I walked down the long table for other dishes, everyone was smiling, wishing me AND scooping bigger portions for the Birthday Girl. Hehehee according to Mun Yee, I got the amount that guys get. I sat on the couch to pig out (oops! non-halal word LOL) gobble the Mutton Curry, Kari Ayam, Kuah Kacang, chapati and dhal, vegetables.. and my, my.. the Air Bandung was suuuuuuuuper yummy! Kindut (yes, all the Malay fellas have nicknames) makan-ed with me, Venoo Boy came over for a chitchat, Min, Khairimi.. all of them were really hospitable!

The Malay guys in our batch are real darlings. I remember one time, in Pushkin hostel (2003) when we joined them for late dinner.. I requested for fork and spoon since I dont know how to eat with my hand. Grinning, the washed me a set and the next night, when we crashed their into their room for supper again.. guess what. A set of fork and spoon was washed and offered to me. That was really sweet :)