Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Na Lestnitse

Sunny turned 23 and after 6 years of being groupmates, today was the first time he celebrated his birthday with us. We attended our new cycle on Forensic Medicine and Professor Kogan is our teacher LOL She still wears her WWF championship belt but we dont laugh so much at her unlike those days of Pathological Anatomy in 3rd Year because those belts ARE in fashion.

City Cafe Na Lestnitsa (Russian=in the forest) is cozy and the waitress who served us was great. She didnt grunt nor make any faces at our request to combine tables together to fit the 9 of us. We told her we did not want to sit separately and she was very cooperative. Later on, she patiently took our orders, cleared the table often.. I must say she was one of the very, very few waitressed who is this nice at a Russian joint. Plus it was during lunch hour when we marched into the place.

Happy Birthday: Very fishy celebration LOL

I had some yummy salad for starters, a bowl of thick pumpkin soup which I ate with bread and a main dish of steamed carrot-rice and fish. Sunny ordered a huge plate of sushi for everyone to share. That must have cost a bomb! Quek and Douglas bought him shots of tequila, Mun Yee arranged a birthday slice of Tiramisu for him which came with a little candle. His girlfriend's presence didnt make me feel too uncomfortable this time though she did ignore me when I passed her the glass of Moors.

High Sensitivity: Douglas is ever ready with poses

Some Of Us: Myself, Mun Yee and Victor

We sat around, (they) fiddled with the camera and the small party ended around 5pm. Douglas made a turn to meet his gang for Beyonce's concert tonight while I headed straight for M.Park Kultury and guess what.. the entrances were guarded by policemen, inside the Metro too, in fact at every station especially at M.Spartivnaya! Then I realised there is a match between England and Russia later in the evening :O Goodness. The football fanatics were massive! Chanting "Ole, ole, ole! Ro-ssi-ya, Ro-ssi-YA!!". Hope no one gets hurt after the game LOL

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