Monday, October 29, 2007

Masks On

I enjoy attending TB cycle at M.Novoslabobskaya for some reasons. The subject itself is alright but what is really nice about it is how the tests are carried out. Plenty or X-ray pictures to figure out, A4-size papers provided to write our answers on, break time we are offered tea and cookies (depends on which lecturer) and so far so good (except for the idiot Dr.Biron). Read about the day with him. Killer!

Today we went to the Surgical Department. It is scary come to think of it. A building with TB patients and we walk through corridors to see them. Its not like we are sent to gas chambers to die, obviously the patients we see are not contagious. But still. Nowadays when I look at spits on the sidewalks, I feel uneasy.

Example: Lets say someone who isnt aware that he/she has TB, coughs and spits all over the place. The TB bacteria get transmitted in the air, feets above the ground. You walk over it, hovering bacteria gets into your face.. into your lungs and with a sufficient amount, someone will be looking at your tainted X-ray lung pictures soon! *touch wood*

Meters of Gauze: The (very effeminite) surgeon doing his work

The Hole: Imagine the size and yes, he is in pain. Look at his face..

So back at the Surgical Department. We saw an interesting survivor from Tajikistan. 2/3 of his right lung had been resected and now hes recovering from the op. There is a opened hole to routinely clean the walls of the missing organ and when we looked inside.. okay, okayyy. I shall spare the details. Hehehehe I would just say it wasnt "pretty". Remember my Tuberculin skin test? It measured 11mm which means not really positive. I was prolly exposed before no biggie. But Mayank's (from Group 10) was 15mm so he was sent for an X-ray. Came out clean. Phew!